Zumba Demonstration

This weekend, I attended the first annual Mind, Body & Spirit Festival in Elkton, MD. Over 200 people came to participate in the festival! I offered a 30-minute Zumba demonstration!

The demo was scheduled right after lunch, so not too many people jumped up to participate, but I had a good number of spectators!

Check it out…

Yes, I make funny faces when I Zumba. Sometimes, I think my cameraman purposefully snaps photos as I’m giving verbal instruction. 😉 haha!

Feeling the groove!
A little soca, maybe? We did some salsa, cumbia, merengue, and samba dances, too!

(p.s. – Shane’s dad surprised me by coming to the demo! I’ll bet you can’t tell which one he is in the photo above… 😉

As a treat, Shane purchased these lovely chocolate croissants from Against the Grain to munch on after the demo. Yum!

I’m constantly reflecting on and evaulating my Zumba demos, techniques, practices, etc. Lots and lots of notes over coffee!

I *think* I have a fantastic demo strategy down. I like to keep the demo short, around 30 minutes, and include an explanation, a general demonstration of basic moves, and a “try it out” portion. I’ll mix in various rhythms, but I’ve found that salsa, merengue, and swing-like music are favorites, especially for people who have never tried Zumba prior to the demo.

Here’s the basic layout I’ve created:

“How to create a Zumba demonstration”

1) Introductions (my name, what is Zumba, participant names, etc.)
2) Warm-up, get the body moving
3) Basic move/rhythm 1 demonstration
4) Rhythm 1 song/try it out
5) Basic moves/rhythm 2 demonstration
6) Rhythm 2 song/try it out
7) Basic moves/rhythm 3 demonstration
8) Rhythm 3 song/try it out
9) Basic moves/rhythm 4 demonstration
10) Rhythm 4 song/try it out
11) Bonus song, little explanation/demonstration
12) Cool down/reminders of what we learned together
13) Good-byes, check out zumba.com, etc.

I keep the basic moves portion short…I want to keep everyone moving once we’ve warmed up. For a demo, I make lots of eye contact and large, over-exaggerated visual cues. (These are great when introducing new songs in class, too!)

In this demo, none of the participants had tried Zumba! They all left saying they’re so excited to look up local classes (watch out Cecil County instructors!!). Success!
I love doing Zumba demos. Any chance I have to share the Zumba love, I’m there! Stay tuned…I’ll be offering a few Zumba demos locally (in Kent County) within the next couple of months!

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