Zooma Annapolis 10K Race

Another race for the books! My friend Amie drove to MD so we could run this race together.

 The ZOOMA Annapolis 10K Race

Conditions were perfect on race day. The night before, there were crazy storms (tornado-producing storms) that were nuts at the time but they helped create cool, non-humid weather for our 7 a.m. run.

This is the first race I’ve attended that requires early packet pick-up. There was even an entire expo at the pickup.
 Love the race shirts! It’s a women’s cut, so I’ll actually be able to wear it! Most of my race shirts go right to Shane.
 More race swag – nice bags!
 We ran right through historic Annapolis…they held off cars for us on the main roads. It was such a novelty to run on the road here!
At the start {and finish} line. This was the first race I’ve attended that started right on time.

Major kudos to the organizers of this event! I felt that the course was perfectly marked, well planned, the communication to runners pre-race was outstanding, and the best part were the volunteers — there were so many people not only helping direct us and hand out water at various stations, but there were also groups of motivators/encouragers along the way. It was so splendid!!!

Obviously pumped.
The obligatory pre-race shot.
But THIS is my favorite photo of the day. Stoked.

We started and ended at the Navy Stadium.

There were so many people! There was a 10K and a half marathon, and I think I heard 1,400 ran each, so almost 3,000 people ran today.

We climbed so many hills and ran across bridges — it was the most scenic race course.

We started off strong {8 minute miles!}. Between the fabulous weather, gorgeous blue sky, party atmosphere, and running with my friend Amie, the conditions were right for a fantastic run.

Around mile 3, Amie’s knee started hurting. She’s a longtime runner {she was the person to get me hooked on running, so we have a plan to do a race together every year!} and trained well for this race. It was the longest race she’s ever tried! She lives on the Jersey shore, and the majority of her runs and races are on flat, fast paths. She’s a speed demon there!

But this race was more challenging, with the hills. For me, it was just like running on a couple of my favorite training routes at home. It’s definitely more hilly than the flat beach.

So, we slowed our pace. Before the race started, we decided to run together, no matter what. This is SO important if you’re racing with someone — decide beforehand whether you will stick together or break apart. It saves confusion and makes the race more enjoyable for both parties.

I came to this race to run with my friend. Once her knee starting hurting, I even turned off my pace/time tracker. We both like to track our time, but I didn’t want that to discourage either of us. So, we threw time out the window and just ran together.

And guess what? She finished her longest race to date. I’m so, so proud!!!

Our final time was 1:04. Not the fastest for either of us, but we did it together and finished. That was the best part!

We already decided that our next destination run together will be on a nice, flat beach course 🙂
As a side note, I loved racing in a “skirt!” It’s technically a skort. I trained with it before wearing it to a race, and it’s so comfy and breezy. {and I love my new visor!}
After the race, we cooled down and stretched a bit by the Navy Stadium, and then we made a beeline for a little iced coffee.
Later, we ventured back into downtown Annapolis for lunch on the water. What a gorgeous day to be on the Bay!

One more race for me this spring – the challenging Baltimore 10 miler. I feel ready for it. I have 5 training runs between me and that race. Bring it on!!!
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4 Responses to Zooma Annapolis 10K Race

  1. Megan says:

    I stumbled across your blog and was at this race too!! I’m actually the girl in your pre race shot with the black shorts and white / red racer back tank, too funny! Great post! Glad you guys had fun!!

  2. christina says:

    Great post – I was at zooma Annapolis too with my favorite running pal Nicole. We were running my first half after baby (took almost 11 months off of running and just getting back in the groove). Looks like you had a great time! Annapolis was such a nice place for a gals getaway – my friend Rach and I went down early the night before and had awesome Thai food before I made her go to bed early with me at 9pm 🙂 for the early race!

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