Wedding Ring Box

One of my favorite DIY wedding crafts (other than the signs we built and painted) was staining and painting this custom ring box!

IMG_6561 When we decided to have two ‘ring bearers’ in the wedding I thought it would be cute to craft a small ring box for one of them to carry.

I saw a similar project on Pinterest, and spent some time looking for the right box. I actually visited a Michael’s store (in person!! shock!!) but didn’t find exactly what I wanted. I ended up finding this card box online (amazon).

I wanted a box with a divider in the middle, a ‘his & hers’ style box.


I loved that this one was unfinished, so I could stain it the color of my choice. I ended up using the stain we purchased for our dresser project, a beautiful pecan shade.

I ended up staining the box with two coats. Though I started with the wrong type of brush for this project, I ended up using a small sponge brush to evenly coat the layers of stain (thanks to my husband’s helpful tips).

IMG_5913 After the second coat dried,  I cut a large jewelry cotton insert in half and stuffed each side. I didn’t plan to do this, but after seeing the box stained, I decided it needed more color, so I grabbed the ‘A’ stencil I used for the signage and painted it in wedding blue! IMG_6562 For fun, I added a J & A on the inside as well. I only took a photo of our rings in the box — the day of the ceremony, they were in the pocket of one of Johnny’s groomsmen, just in case.

I loved this little DIY project. As an added bonus, now we will have this special box for any mementos we collect as husband and wife! It’s currently living on a shelf in our master bedroom.

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