Wedding First Look

When we started planned our wedding, I knew I wanted to include a First Look.

IMG_0268 (2)

The idea is that the bride and groom get to lay eyes each other just before the ceremony. This is such a sweet moment and something I will cherish forever as I relive the memories of our special day.

We had our First Look about an hour before the ceremony. The guys got ready in the historic bank building just across the street from our ceremony venue, so the ladies walked from our B&B to the bank.

With hidden eyes, Chelsea first had us hold hands around the corner from one another.

IMG_0197 (2) Talk about building up even more anticipation! I could hear him, feel him, even smell his sweet cologne, but no sights yet.

Then, I walked to the other side of the bank building, out of sight, as Johnny walked up this small set of stairs to a porch on the side of the building. He turned around, and I got to walk slowly toward him.

I started to lose it here. I didn’t expect this to be so emotional, but thinking about all of the moments that lead to this point – falling in love, getting engaged, the sweet anticipation of spending the rest of our lives together – coupled with the events of the day, I totally lost it all.

Here’s the sweet sequence of our first look:




IMG_0202 (2) bw

Tapping the shoulder of my future husband so we can share a first look!


IMG_0205 (2)

Hi! We’re getting married today!


IMG_0209 (2)

THIS is the moment I distinctly remember thinking “thank GOODNESS we got to see each other before the ceremony.” I’m so glad we got the chance to look at each other, hold each other, and share a few final moments as fiancés.

IMG_0212 (2)

ALL the hugs. All I wanted to do was hug and hold my almost husband!


IMG_0215 (2)

IMG_0216 (2)

This was the point that I started practically sobbing, and everyone else started tearing up, too. Sorry guys!


IMG_0218 (2)

When I got myself together, I wanted to show Johnny my dress! Look, it swishes, I think I was saying here.


IMG_0225 (2)

A final sweet kiss before taking a few wedding party photos pre-ceremony!    IMG_0272 (2)

Our First Look was such a great experience, I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about what to do. It’s soothing, calming, sweet, and another beautiful memory to cherish for the day.

IMG_0286 (2)


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