Virtual Blend 5K Race

Today, I ran my very first virtual race. 

Born from a conversation between two runner/healthy living blog writers, the Virtual 5K challenged any healthy living blog writers/followers to run a 3.1 mile “race” in their favorite location and post about it when finished!

Since I’m prepping for the ConnorSmiles 5K in Centreville next week, this race gave me the opportunity for a trial run! I’ve mostly concentrated on distance running this spring, running 5-7 miles consistently 3 times a week.

I followed my go-to 5K path {which loops right by the Chester River}, armed myself with good music and my new racing app, and hit the ground running!

I pushed myself to keep a strong pace, and ended up running a bit faster than I would normally run. I ended up with a 5K race PR (personal record)! See my stats here.

I ran a solid 8:18-8:30 minute pace for the duration of the race. Amazing! My 5-mile runs have been closer to 9-minute miles. Miles 2 and 4 seem like my slowest miles.

Hooray for another “race” finish!

The Virtual 5K was enjoyable! Even though it was a solo run {I did pass a couple of other runners on my way!}, I felt like I was running with my favorite Healthy Living Blog buddies, knowing they would soon post their “race” stories, too. A neat idea! Had I not seen the Blend 5K post via twitter, I might’ve stuck with a 5 mile training run today, instead of testing my 5K time.
I think I’m ready for the 5K next weekend…I’m scheduled for at least two more runs before Saturday, one for 5-7 miles, and one for 3-5 miles. {I like to keep it slightly flexible}.

Another race on the books! Five more to go this spring…

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2 Responses to Virtual Blend 5K Race

  1. Kristen says:

    Congratulations! It sounds like you are ready to go dominate that race next week

  2. Kelly says:

    Wow, you did great! Thanks for joining us for #Blend5K! 🙂

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