Valentine’s Day 5K

Though not usually a fan of such holidays, we decided to pseudo-celebrate the Valentine’s Day holiday by trading Chestertown for Arlington and chocolate for a chilly 5K race!

“Love the Run You’re With” 5K race

We ventured to Arlington, VA for a special destination race — and Shane’s very first race! This wasn’t Shane’s first time running — he runs frequently, miles and miles each week.

This 5K marks my 6th race total. I enjoy running races because they’re good motivation! If I commit funds to a race, I know that I want to be able to go out there, run my best, and finish strong.

Running a race with someone else is a bit different. Before getting out there, we decided that we’d run next to each other the entire time. For me, this meant encouragement to keep going and less reliance on music (I’ve never run a race without music!).

We picked up our race packets and free blankets (they gave blankets instead of t-shirts…a nice touch!) the day prior to the race. Shane was super excited.

My lucky numbers!

The next morning, we were greeted by a light dusting of snow and a temperature of 19F with the wind chill. Brrr! A chilly morning for a race.

Pre-race noms: Chobani yogurt. Lemon-flavored, my favorite!

We bundled up in multiple layers for the cold morning. I wore Yoga pants, two tank tops, a thermal running shirt, jacket, two pairs of socks, scarf, heavy gloves, and a headband.

So pumped for our race! {Can you tell?}

The actual race went well – there were close to 2,000 participants, and some where part of groups, even wearing just tank tops and shorts! Crazy.

We had a really strong first mile, and then I started to get super cold and slowed our pace a lot. Around mile 1.25, there were people who had already reached the turnaround and were on their way back to the start! I’m always amazed at the speed of other runners. One day…!

We finished strong, at 28 minutes, and even held hands through the finish line! I can’t wait for our finish line photos to be published on the event website.

Soaking up the {chilly} sun after his very first race.
Usually a solo runner, it was neat to be able to share my race experience with Shane. I hope that I’ve hooked him on race running!

Codybear was certainly hooked on our race goodies! This has officially become his blanket.

Participating in this race has made me even more excited for 2012 races. Looking ahead, I’m planning a fun destination 5K race with a dear friend, planning to participate in most of the 5K races offered locally, and I’m working with one of my Zumba mates to form a team for the Chestertown Tea Party Classic Distance 10 mile race! We’re putting together a fun, easy-to-manage training plan, and want to get special race t-shirts and everything. {If you’re in the Chestertown area (or if you’ll be here for Tea Party) and you want to join, get in touch via comments below or email me}
Hooray for the start of race season!!!

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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day 5K

  1. Jesse says:

    I’m really jealous, that blanket is some SWEET swag.

  2. Fit For Life says:

    For real! I liked it better than a t-shirt.

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