Turkey Trot 5K

To kick off one of the greatest food celebration holidays, I participated in a Turkey Trot 5K race! This was 5K #4 for this year. On a roll!

This is my serious running face. ha!
Shane’s sister worked the event. Yay for a mini cheering section!

It was a beautiful day for a race. Cold, but sunny. We arrived way too early, so Shane and I hopped around the parking lot, trying to keep warm.

Shane has come to ALL of my races. He’s the greatest support! Maybe one day I’ll get him to run with me 😉

Off we go!
Fun fact: this is the first race that I’ve run outside Chestertown. All of my previous races, including the half marathon, have followed a similar route.
This race was challenging for me, because it was unchartered territory. Also, the race had TONS of inclines — crazy for a girl who normally runs on flat roads!

Other than the unexpected inclines, I ran pretty solid, keeping a 9:30 pace (estimated).

I was so happy to see the finish line. The last bit of the race was a trail run {my first trail run!}, and up major inclines. I still had the stamina to sprint toward the finish! I credit Zumba and lunges for the leg strength to race up hills.

I finished in 28:30. Not my fastest time, but I felt great afterwards! Plus, I challenged myself with a new location, different incline levels, and a trail run.

The only issue I had with the race was the finish line. The entrance was so small, and many of the runners ended at the same time, so there was a bit of a bottleneck. I’m positive that recorded times will be off, since many of us had to walk across the chip readers.

All smiles after a brief cooldown series of stretches!

Post-race, I pulled a small meal together, in preparation for the Thanksgiving dinner on the horizon.

croissant with butter

and a tall glass of raw milk
All together {with a peppermint mocha latte – refuel for champions, obviously}
Another fantastic 5K race in the books! This race has convinced me to check out non-Chestertown races. But I think some hill work is in order before I do so 😉
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