Part of my job, part of my sense of wanderlust, I like to spend time traveling!

The majority of my travel takes place in the continental United States.

Some of my favorite places:

1) Chestertown, Maryland (current home)

2) Savannah, Georgia

3) Boulder, Colorado

4) La Jolla, California

5) Concord, Massachusetts

6) New York City, New York

7) Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

8) Charlottesville, Virginia

9) Tampa, Florida

10) Chicago, Illinois

11) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

12) Boston, Massachusetts

13) Keene, New Hampshire

14) Hanover, New Hampshire

15) Annapolis, Maryland

16) Smith Island, Maryland

17) Assateague, Maryland

18) Saint Louis, Missouri

19) Aspen, Colorado

20) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

21) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

22) The Everglades, Florida

23) Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

24) Northampton, Massachusetts

25) The Outer Banks, North Carolina

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