That Time I Bought a Wedding Dress

It happened! I said YES to the dress.


Let’s back up. Dress shopping is something I pushed off as long as possible –  I felt all kinds of anxiety related to wedding dress shopping. Honestly, I’d be comfortable ordering a few online, trying them on at home, picking the one that fits, and calling it a day.

However, after talking to my bridesmaids, and to Johnny, I realized that the opportunity to pick out a wedding dress and include others is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and another fun adventure in which I can partake!

So, I scheduled an appointment at David’s Bridal and my two lovely bridesmaids Natalie and Angela agreed to come with me.

First, we enjoyed a sushi lunch, which totally helped calm me and make me feel full and happy.

I was ready for this adventure!

We arrived right on time and checked in, but the consultant wasn’t ready to meet with us, so the lady at the front desk encouraged us to look around. There are SO many dress options. I had an idea in mind of what I would like, mostly because I browsed the David’s Bridal website a few times and pinned/favorited certain dresses to my profile, but being surrounded by tons of tulle and lace was overwhelming.

Almost immediately, both Natalie and Angela selected dresses similar to what I’d described. Once our consultant was ready, we handed her the dresses,  described what I was looking for, and she placed me in a dressing room.

Getting into a wedding dress is a team effort; I was glad for the help. While I tried on the first dress and admired it in the mirrors, the consultant ran around the store to find other dresses that met my criteria (it really, really helps to know what you’re looking for). She returned with one dress. Of the style I was looking for, only three dresses existed in the store — and my bridesmaids had found two of them!

What are the odds? Now, I could’ve tried on all three and had no luck. But I loved 2 of the 3 dresses a lot.

Fun facts about the dress I chose: it fit like a glove (no alterations needed), it was the ONLY one they had left in that style–and the one size fit me, and it was on mega sale.

At David’s Bridal, they have this cool ‘ring the bell’ tradition when you find your wedding dress. It was a sweet experience to ring the bell loudly while in the dress I’ll wear to become Johnny’s wife!

Just for fun, this was the runner-up dress. I tried it on 4 times before deciding to purchase THE dress. I tried on THE dress 5 times.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.48.54 AM

I have my WEDDING DRESS! It’s all secure and hanging up in my house (oh yes, I got to take it home with me that day). I also selected and purchased a headpiece to wear.

On to the next wedding adventure!

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