Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

It’s never too late for a yummy Thanksgiving post. (right?)
Here’s how I spent my turkey day:
For the second year in a row, I participated in the Bel Air Turkey Trot 5k. Last year, I ran it by myself . This year, Shane’s sister decided to run it with me.
Where’s Aundra?
I was so proud of her – this marked her very first road race. The Turkey Trot in Bel Air is fun, because it’s laid back and families participate, but it’s also challenging with sizable hills and a portion of the run on the Ma & Pa Trail.

Before the race, I told M I’d stick by her side to help encourage and support her first race. She did such a great job — 3.1 miles is such an accomplishment. We took some walking and water breaks, and she set her eye on a goal and reached it! We crossed the finish line together in 44 minutes.
Shane knows how to capture just the right moments!
Since I’m still in training mode for my upcoming half marathon, I managed to drag Shane with me on an additional 8.4 mile run around Bel Air for an even 11.5 mile total for the day. 
I love this photo of us!
As we ran (I’m such a social runner — love to chat while running), I reminisced my very first race and realized how far I’ve come since then. My first race was a half marathon (go big or go home) in Chestertown and was so difficult for me. Since then, I’ve learned to listen to my body, have cross trained by teaching Zumba, PiYo, and Turbo Kick classes, and have created several successful training plans. I’m beyond ready and excited for half marathon #3!

After a long morning of running, I was beyond ready for Thanksgiving goodies. We spent the holiday with Shane’s family and had a number of delicious treats welcoming us:

M’s yummy green bean casserole

Super juicy turkey (which I got to slice for the meal).

Assortment of holiday treats

 My plate for the evening: piled high with turkey and veggies!

So much food.
I normally bake a pumpkin roll, but I’d just made one for the clothing swap I hosted at the little house on Pine, so we decided to bring sweet fermented goodies and local persimmons from a friend’s garden for the occasion.
sauerkraut made with cabbage, turnips, and carrots from the backyard homestead, Shane’s homemade kombucha, and persimmons
Some of us delighted in dressing up for the dinner party:
And some of us weren’t invited to the dinner party:
No worries, Stevie was totally fed.

A sweet holiday indeed! I loved being able to take a couple of days off work, retreat to Bel Air for some needed rest, and that I was still able to stick to my half marathon training schedule.

 Just 3.5 weeks until the next holiday break…

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