St. Michaels Running Festival

 Today I ran race #10!

My friend and I ran with a group of Rescue Squad members, so we rocked their red t-shirts. I actually didn’t get a photo of it, but someone took a group photo.

What a perfect day for a race! The weather was warm, the sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. There were three race choices: 5k, 10k, and half marathon. I chose the 10k option since I knew I was running a 10 mile race the next weekend.

The course was flat and fast. I ran so quickly! I try to run the first mile at a slower pace, but it was almost hard to slow myself down, between the very flat course and the sunshine!

I used the Nike + GPS app to help record my race stats. Total time: 53 minutes. Personal best!

My fastest mile was 6:45! That’s some serious speeding for me. Slowest was 9:32, and average pace was around 8:30. I felt great for most of the race!

However, I learned another great race lesson: don’t take the water. During my training runs, I always fuel before and after a run, never during. {This isn’t true for everyone, so definitely gauge your own personal needs if you decide to start race training!} There were three water stations throughout the 6.2 mile course. I flew by the first two, but at the third one, I thought why not?

I grabbed a cup and took a sip before I realized I was drinking Gatorade. I drink watered-down Gatorade post-running to refuel, but can’t drink it before running, since it doesn’t always sit well in my stomach. I ended up with a pretty horrible side stitch for the last .5 miles of the race {but that didn’t stop me! I kept up my 8:30 pace!}. Lesson learned.

There were professional photographers throughout the course snapping photos–I can’t wait to see them! I’ll make sure to share them here.

I heard that 1,500 runners came for the festival. Can’t wait to see the stats overall! The fastest 10k runner was heading to Mile 4 as I headed to Mile 2…so…yeah. Races can be quite humbling. It’s great motivation to train harder and go faster.

After the race, my friend and I headed to Easton for some post-race coffee and we spontaneously decided to pop by the Easton Farmer’s Market!

I love spring/summer because of the overload of fresh produce options:

Um…three cheers for the best sign.

The girl who made this sign LOVED that I took a photo. She said she was waiting all morning for someone to understand the reference!

I didn’t purchase any veggies {we might be heading out of town next week…still up for debate!}, but I did make one random purchase:
A is for Armadillo
A local Easton artist had this on display and I just had to get it. Shane loves armadillos. {can you blame him?} Just a silly little gift that will grace the walls of the little house on Pine!
Another May race for the books! Now to continue prep for the 10 mile Tea Party Classic Distance race in Chestertown next weekend…

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