Running at St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Earlier this week, I attended an admissions conference at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Since it’s my first visit to the campus, and I’m training for this half marathon, I decided to map out a run and photograph some sights along the way!

SMCM is located in St. Mary’s City, MD. I dare you to find a GPS that lists St. Mary’s City as a destination! It’s a small, historic, waterfront town that refuses to be mapped.

They have a tidal basin that separates the north end of campus. What a nice view!

I ran through wildlife areas, including this marshy area with frogs!
See the frog?
Hmm…maybe a closer look?
There it is! Super cute. I also found lots of stairs to run up and down!

I like the semipermeable parking lots!
I ran up a path through woods, which I later learned is part of the campus tour!
Pretty fountain by the library

I ran under a cool archway by the libraryAnd up a path toward the campus center/dining hall

The historic part of the campus includes the first state house of MD, which was used before the capital moved to Annapolis.

I ran about 3 miles, doing a loop through the north end of campus, by the waterfront, and up through the historic part of campus. I love a scenic run!

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