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Though my nights and days are filled with endless activity (counseling, teaching Zumba, running, lifting, cooking, baking, etc.), my mind never stops, and is generally three steps ahead of me.

Usually, I ponder an idea for several weeks and then share it with you. Today, I thought I’d share what’s on my mind right now. I don’t have answers to many of these questions yet; I’m in the process of thinking about them, sharing the ideas with those around me, and eventually the pen will hit the paper.

1) Fresh vegetables in the winter
I’ve taken time this year to freeze and store some of the produce yielded from the spring and summer, but fresh veggies are another issue. As in years past, I’ll likely purchase fresh greens from the grocery store. I’d love to avoid this as much as possible in the future. We’re looking into building a root cellar and a cold case. And a bigger garden.

2) Learning more about fish
After watching The End of the Line, I realized I don’t know anything about fish. Living near one of the largest estuaries, I think it’s time to learn. I had my first local crab this summer, but haven’t even started thinking about fishing myself.

3) Cooking for Thanksgiving
Trivial, but I can’t get homemade cranberry sauce off my mind. I’m cooking up a fabulous recipe in my head for it! I hope my thoughts finalize by Saturday, when we have a “practice” Thanksgiving dinner with friends.

4) Derrick Jensen
I feel like I know him. He’s a tremendous writer. He thinks a lot. He talks to a lot of people about important subjects like salmon, civilization, human relationships, learning, education, and taking action to name a few. I’m reading his books in order of printing now (started with Listening to the Land, on to A Language Older than Words). It’s a great way to get to know someone, learning and growing with the digestion of their thoughts, from mind to paper.

5) Dancing
I’m listed as a pro dancer for an upcoming local “Dance with the Stars” fundraiser! I can’t wait to meet my partner. I’m excited and nervous for choosing a dance, and even more so for practicing and performing it. #adventures

6) Homemaking
Beyond the traditional connotations of the word, I’m very interested in homemaking life. Since I haven’t yet learned a way to beat economics, I’m spending my time now building skills and working on transitioning from being a consumer to being a producer to just being. This book has been a tremendous help.

7) Holiday baking
I’m determined not to bake as many cookies this year. This thought was devastating at first, but I’m pondering and researching various alternatives so we don’t over-indulge this year.

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6 Responses to On My Mind

  1. Jesse says:

    Write a book, compile these thoughts. I’m a big fan of using what you love to propel your dreams 🙂

  2. Fit For Life says:

    A whole book! Gosh. I want to continue my thoughts, maybe a few shorter pieces here and there. A challenge, for sure! But I love a good challenge.

  3. John says:

    Re: Problem/ Opportunity #7

    Baking cookies in small portions is difficult and uneconomical, but sharing cookies is both fun and fulfilling…
    In years past, we’ve had a holiday cookie decorating party. It’s a good excuse to bake and make sure that there are fewer leftovers around the house!

  4. Fit For Life says:

    Are you proposing a cookie baking party? #imthere

  5. Jennie says:

    I gave this book to a friend of mine who loves to garden and preserve, and she really enjoyed it. I haven’t read it myself, but it might help you ponder homemaking: A Householder’s Guide to the Universe: A Calendar of Basics for the Home, Garden, Kitchen, and Beyond (by Harriet Fasenfest).

    Happy reading and baking!

  6. Fit For Life says:

    Thanks for the recommendation!!!

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