My Chestertown

I love my little town.

Today, after attending the 229th Commencement of my alma mater (the 8th Commencement ceremony I’ve attended!), Shane and I enjoyed a leisurely walk downtown, visiting some of our favorite places and spaces. We’re always up for a fun adventure!

Being Sunday, many of these places were closed (small town livin’!), but we strolled by them anyway, and spent most of our time by the water.

Obviously ready for an adventure: flat shoes, cupcake bag, and pretty summer dress.
It all begins in Fountain Park, the heart of the historic district in Chestertown. For the first time ever, I kicked off my shoes and danced in the fountain.
Feeling equally adventurous, Shane climbed a nearby tree in the Park.

After stopping to grab coffee at our third favorite coffee place, we strolled by one of my favorite bookstores, the Book Plate!

 I delivered my very first “blog talk” here. Memories!!

Strolling right along, we headed toward the water, via the “secret back way” and spotted these adorable painted pots along someone’s front porch. #thesmallthings

 This is my favorite house in all of Chestertown (second only to the little house on Pine, of course!):

Sterling Castle

I tried to say hello, but no one was home! They were probably enjoying the gorgeous day.

I popped into the Natural Foods store for a quick snack to take to the water! Each time I go in, the staff are super friendly. I love this place!!

I love living by the water. I can sit and watch the river for hours. There’s something about the flow of the water, the sweet and salty air, and the abundance of life that surrounds– it’s intoxicating.
Mad jumping skills here. Schooner Sultana in the background!
After enjoying our coffee in Wilmer Park by the water, we ended our Chestertown adventure on the newly-paved Rails to Trails stretch. It’s a neat scenic path that allows you to bypass the town to head straight to the water.

Check out even more photos from our happy little adventure!

This kicks off the start of our VACATION week! I’m beyond excited that Shane and I are taking time off work together. We’re staying right here in our lovely town, spending time doing whatever we want. It’s liberating. Can’t wait to share our adventures this week! I’m envisioning lots of planting, reading, kayaking, hammocking, and cooking.

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