I like to Zumba, Zumba

Okay, so it’s no secret that I’m seriously addicted to Zumba. Really, with the party-like atmosphere, swank moves, upbeat music, it’s totally up my alley!

I found Zumba in January 2009 at Washington College. Prior to starting the class, I was in my worst physical shape ever–overweight, had very little energy, and was generally in need of a good kick in the butt. I was fit in high school, and during my first year of college, and then it all slipped away. Luckily, Zumba came to the rescue!

Do we really need to see a before picture?

I finally decided to take control (and it really is a lifestyle change). I started taking two Zumba classes a week, and then bumped it up to four classes a week–I couldn’t get enough of it! I started to see results within the first month. I felt good.

I became certified to teach Basic I Zumba in May 2009. At that point, I had lost 15 pounds with Zumba and wanted to share my new way of life with others! I still had weight to lose, but I knew it would happen in time. I started teaching my first class in July of 2009.

To perform well in class, I noticed that I couldn’t eat the same quantity of food I’d grown accustomed to, and that heavy, greasy foods left me feeling nauseous after class. They had to go. I even went as far as becoming vegetarian. What a difference!

One year later, 35 pounds lighter, three dress sizes smaller, and more toned, I’m a happy girl!

What keeps you movin’ and shakin’?

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