Holiday Run Streak

December usually marks a running rest period for me. I run hard all year, multiple races, and spend December lifting weights, maybe swimming, focusing more on indoor workouts.

That was the plan for this year. Then I wanted to go for a run today.

Running is my soulmate workout. There’s nothing more joyous than lacing up my sneakers, grabbing my hat (or earmuffs!), and heading toward the water to run my favorite Chestertown route.

I tell my fitness students that’s what you need to look for — what’s the one workout you’ll leave your house for/get up early for/never want to miss? That’s your soulmate workout. Cherish it! One soulmate workout leads to another, then another, and so on.

A friend recently posted something about the Holiday Running Streak – have you heard of this? Always one for a challenge, I was intrigued at the concept: run at least one mile a day during the month of December. I love it!

Since it’s December 1, I’m already on the right track! I did 8 miles today. I can’t get over the beautiful place I get to run. Here are a few scenes from today’s run:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4


So, I guess that means I’ll be running through the month of December! That definitely means I’ll need to purchase a few more snuggly outdoor running clothes… this could be dangerous. Thank goodness for Cyber Monday deals!

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