George Washington Birthday Classic 10K

I ran my first race of 2013 this weekend in Alexandria, VA.

Mount Vernon: home away from home.

This was a 10k, which is 6.2 miles. I found this race while searching for VA or MD February races, and thought how could I resist a race dedicated to George Washington? {my alma mater loves George. See what I mean.}

Though the race was indeed dedicated to George Washington, he wasn’t there! How rude. Or, maybe he was prepping for his birthday festivities?

I did what I could to bring the revolutionary spirit to life just before the race started. Who wouldn’t want to sport a tricorn hat?

cross between a fiesta hat and a tricorn hat maybe?

Despite the cold winter Sunday, and the threat of the snowstorm that never came, hundreds of people showed up to run 6.2 miles for George. Or, probably for themselves.

T-2 minutes to start time.
This race marks my third 10k. I really like this distance — 5k races aren’t long enough, 10 miles require additional training and prep that I haven’t done yet this year, and half marathons are by far my favorite but again, require more prep.
But 10k races? They’re my soul mate distance. Don’t tell, but I only ran one time before this race–a sweet five miles around my favorite route near home. If you’re a first time runner, there’s more prep that goes into a 10k, but for me, with teaching 11 fitness classes a week, I’m okay running this distance with fairly little prep work.
a sweet sunrise pre-race photo!

Since this marks the opening of my 2013 racing series, I didn’t time myself. I have a final time of course (56:02), but I didn’t carry my phone or a watch to track my split times.

The first race of the season for me is more about finishing, gauging how I feel, how my new shoes feel, and getting myself back into the spring running spirit.

So how did it go? I’m happy to report that this was an easy six mile race. I felt confident and strong the whole time. I’m super excited and ready for the spring running season.

At one point during the race, though, my right foot did hurt a bit. I’m thinking it’s the shoes. I’m sporting a fairly new pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s and I think they’re heavier than I’m used to wearing. I’m going to check out some other footwear options, maybe going back to the lighter shoes I usually wear.

Taking the race with stride.

Aside from minor foot issues, the race itself was okay. It’s probably the least scenic race I’ve ever run–we ran up and down Eisenhower Ave. in Alexandria. The only things to look at: houses, interstate roads, the recycling plant, industry. I don’t think I’ll jump at the chance to run this race again.

However, the swag was great–we got these long sleeve size-appropriate shirts with Mount Vernon on the front.

Finally! XS race swag shirts *do* exist!

 A good opening to spring 2013 race season!

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  1. what a fun run! great job on your time!

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