Friday Favorites

These are my favorite posts to read on blogs! Here’s a collection of what I’m totally diggin’ this week.

1) This photo moving around the internets:

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.25.28 AM


I seriously laugh every time I look at this.

2) Writing the Wyoming trip recaps–a most unforgettable trip!

Read about Hiking in Grand Teton National Park, strolling around Jackson, and our trip to Yellowstone National Park.

3) Pink bedrooms — a colleague told me once that light pink in the bedroom is both relaxing and sensual. She’s an art director, so I took her advice to heart. I love that we painted this so quickly. We’re both moving into the master bedroom together, so we wanted a fresh coat of paint, a new bed frame, a new bed set, and new curtains. I love piecing together our room!


4) Move #23 for me, or what I’m calling my “Last Move for a Long Time.” I’m so excited to start the next adventures in OUR house! I’m 100% moved out of my apartment, and now can focus on settling in our space. I’m SO glad not having to rent spaces under strange rules and that I don’t have to “psuedo-settle” anymore!

5) Friday Fitness Parties

I started doing this a couple of months ago – hosting a Friday Zumba class, which isn’t on the regular schedule. It’s so much fun to throw in some old favorites while premiering new songs. I only teach Zumba on Mondays right now, and it’s been awesome to have two classes on some weeks. I added disco lights last week and have a special surprise for students tonight. It feels like a club atmosphere and gets everyone pumped for the weekend. Plus, we’re working out, so major win all around. photo


What are you diggin’ this week?

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