Focus in 2015

In my goals post for January, I alluded to my word of the year – “Focus.”


I have so many interests, talents, and abilities, and my personal organization allows me (and convinces me) to get involved in almost everything. And I have a hard time saying no. But that needs to change this year. I’ve decided to really dedicate myself to 1-2 major causes a month.

Now, each month I’m still working to yield the Class of 2019, still teaching 8-9 fitness classes per week, still training for updated fitness certifications and spring race season, and still working on my 2015 goals.

January – Dance with the Stars
Check out our videos for this year’s fundraiser event!

February – PCACAC 50th conference history work
I have a library of video footage I need to go through, plus 30 or so member profiles to create. I’m not sure what will happen with my involvement in PCACAC after this year’s conference, we shall see!

March – Major yield work for the Class of 2019 AND new primary fitness certification training
Though yield work happens from January-May, I’ll spend time traveling in February, scheduling phone conversations and getting students to visit throughout March and April, and I see March as crunch time.

April – Colchester Farm CSA Open House/Membership Drive
Our open house event is a great way for current members to see the farm, and also a nice way to invite new people to see the possibilities of joining the CSA!

May – Chestertown’s Historic Tea Party Street Party AND ZOOMA Ambassadorship/race
These huge events happen within two weekends. The Street Party is really getting started now (in January) with planning, but a ton of the leg work will happen the week and day of the event.

For ZOOMA, this is my first race as an ambassador! I have some other duties in the late winter/early spring months, but the actual race is the last weekend in May, right after my birthday.

June – camping! beaching! summer fun!
Ah, June. I’m hoping we can schedule a couple of camping weekends, some beach time, and general relaxation. Bring it on!

Maybe a fitness-related certification, too 😉

July – College Horizons
I’ll head to California this summer for an intensive week-long enrichment program designed for native students – Native American, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian. We help them get ready for applying to colleges!

August – Garden harvest and canning/jamming
I am SO EXCITED to plant again this year. I’ve missed having a real backyard to grow a garden. I’m hoping to make jam as favors for our wedding, so I’ll be busy jamming and crafting in August!

September – Fall Travel – Texas, Colorado, maybe somewhere new?
I’ll spend some substantial time away from home this month, continuing to build our newer territories for WAC!

October – Our wedding!
Wedding. Wedding. Wedding. Something I never really thought I’d ever have to plan, and it’s happening this month! We’re getting married on Halloween, our anniversary (both dating and engagement!).

This is where the focus activities stop. I know November and December we will be pushing applications at work, I’ll be creating my winter fitness schedule, and getting ready for the holidays (our first as husband and wife – eee!).

November – TBD

December – TBD
home improvement?

This was a truly beneficial activity. I love being so involved in my town and on campus, but I need to remember to keep focused each month on certain projects. In a typical day, I’ll shift attention from one thing to the next, and it would be awesome to really give dedicated time to each initiative. I’m hoping that drafting these focus goals and sharing them on the blog will help keep me accountable!

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  1. Allison S. says:

    My busy bee friend. I love your involvement and drive but am also glad to sense the tone of balance here. Rest and downtime for yourself and future hubs is important and you sound to be working towards that for some summer and winter.

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