Fitness Friday #8: ZOOMA Annapolis Race 2015

I’m so excited for this racing season. I’m registered for my first 5K of the season, Get Pumped for Pets, this Sunday.

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Annapolis for a fun 3 mile run, starting at Charm City Annapolis. This is the kick-off to the ZOOMA Annapolis 2015 Race.

I’m particularly excited for the May 30 ZOOMA Annapolis race because I’m an ambassador this year! That means that I’ll run the race and write about it and share all sorts of fun details leading up to the day.

zooma annapolis

Want to run with me? I’m personally running the 10K but there is also a half marathon option. In the past, I’ve run both (the 10K in 2012, and the half marathon in 2013).

This is my favorite race course — the course starts at Navy Stadium, goes through historic downtown Annapolis, along the water, and has a few challenging hills, including the Severn River Bridge hill. You feel so awesome and accomplished at the end of the race.

Since I’m an ambassador, I can offer a special discount – 10% off either the 10K or the half marathon (you decide!). The code to use is AUNDRA15. Register online here!

I can’t wait to run this race in May — it’s just two days after my birthday so it’s extra special timing for me. Join me for a super fun race season!

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