Fitness Friday #62: Booty Blaster Challenge

It’s a new month, so it’s time for a new online fitness challenge! I love creating and sharing these challenges — especially because people can participate from anywhere.

This month, we’re hosting a Back to School Booty Blaster Challenge! It’s 10 days (11 with extra credit) of moves, with the idea to perform 30 reps of the day’s move.

The goal with these online challenges is to introduce new moves, to shake up the fitness routine. These are not meant to be your only workout of the day — they can compliment your workout plan. It’s best if you warm up before performing any of these moves, and give yourself some time to stretch after the challenge!

How to participate: Check out the moves, join the facebook event, and plan to try 30 reps of the day’s move, starting September 5.


30 reps each

September 5 – Plie squats
September 6 – Single leg deadlifts
September 7 – Sumo squat calf raises
September 8 – Single leg glute bridges
September 9 – Fire hydrants (with optional leg extension)
September 10 – Bear plank leg lifts
September 11 – Rainbows
Septmeber 12 – Curtsy lunges (optional kick)
September 13 – Standing rainbows
September 14 – Squat to sumo
September 15 – Extra credit: curtsy lunges, plie squats, sumo squat calf raise

Videos of each move will be posted in the facebook group. Can’t wait to share another challenge with everyone!

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