Fitness Friday #61: When You Can’t Workout

So, you get injured. You’re sidelined. Or maybe you have unexpected surgery (or even expected). You have a baby. SOMETHING in your life changes.

And you can’t workout.

But you love to workout.

What do you do?

First, you get sad or angry, especially if you spend most of your ‘free time’ working out, thinking about working out, dreaming about working out, helping other people, motivating other people. Then, you do something irrational or silly (eat a pint of ice cream, unfollow fitness celebrities, unfriend negative people).

Then, you focus and get back in the game.

Maybe it’s not a workout game, but there ARE other things you can do (WHO KNEW) when you can’t workout.

Here’s a list of things I’ve been doing:

  1. Read books. Reading is SO FUN. Just don’t read books about working out at first. You might throw them.
  2. Meditate. Again, hard at first. But what about exercising the mind? I even made a mala to aid my meditation. And it’s been pretty awesome. Even spending some time alone reflecting can be great. But don’t let it become a pity party.
  3. Clean up your eats. Fun fact: when you’re not as active,  you don’t need as much to eat. And you’re not as hungry. Pros: hangry isn’t a thing!!! Cons: food is delicious and you can’t eat all of it suddenly. I’m eating 1.5-2 meals a day right now, and it’s more than enough for me. (Related: I accidentally meal prepped like a regular week, so now I have SOMUCHFOOD and it’s funny).
  4. Learn something new. I haven’t gotten to this stage yet, but this is a grand time to pick up a new interest or hobby.
  5. Do something you ordinarily can’t do. Like, when I was teaching ALLTHEDAYS after work, I couldn’t come home and make dinner, or we’d be eating at 8:30 and that’s almost bedtime. So, since I’m not teaching (trying 4 classes this week!), I can cook dinner for us. It’s fun! I missed cooking.
  6. Organize things. Ok, this shows up on my list for everything. I love organizing things! I can’t lift more than a ‘gallon of milk’ (which SADLY weighs less than my cat, she’s heartbroken I’m sure), but I sure can direct the hubs to move things and sift through boxes. Or lift things awkwardly and slowly.
  7. Direct energy toward projects you’ve neglected. I have the tendency to get involved in a lot. And this is a great time to throw some energy toward those initiatives (related: want to buy a fall share from Colchester Farm? We’re taking new members NOW!).

Any tips to share from fellow workout lovers/instructors who find themselves unable to workout?


My beautiful mala! Handmade, by me!

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