Fitness Friday #58: All About those Abs Challenge

It’s time for another online monthly challenge!

This month, we’re trying a few fun core moves together. I’m calling it “All About those Abs” because Meghan Trainor, yo.

How does it work?

Join the facebook group or print (screenshot, etc.) the list below and plan to follow this plan from August 7-20. Each day, we have a new move to try! The idea is to try 25 reps of each move (25 seconds for the earthquake move).

13690958_1036358156418791_4937700678437107893_o Toward the end of the challenge, days 11-14, we’re combining a couple of the moves.

AND!! On Friday, August 26, I’m offering a FREE live class version of all of these moves! If you’re in the Chestertown area and want to join the fun, we’re meeting at Washington College (in the Johnson Fitness Center Dance Studio) from 5:20-6:00 p.m. We’ll have all of the moves from this challenge AND a few bonus moves:

– Superman move
– Russian twists
– High to low plank
– Reverse crunches
– Plank with alternating arm and leg

At the start of each day, I’ll post a ‘how to’ move video in the challenge group. Most of these will include variation options and helpful tips to get the most from each move.

**This is not meant to replace a full workout** Please remember to warm up before attempting these moves! And, if you find that you don’t like a particular move or it hurts in ANY way, stop! Try something else. Or, ask – I’d be happy to provide you an alternative move option  on any day.

I can’t wait to dig into this challenge with you!

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