Fitness Friday #55: 5 Lunchtime Workout Hacks

You’re a busy person. I totally get that! You want to include a workout session in your day, but can’t get into the early morning person thing and have too many commitments after work to be an evening workout person.

What can you do?


Become a lunchtime workout person!

I love leading lunchtime classes. I usually prefer working out in the morning, because that’s my most productive and focused time, but I think there’s so much value in a lunchtime workout.

You get to leave your desk, you’re setting yourself up for afternoon success (and avoiding that afternoon slump), and you’re fitting your workout into your busy schedule. Win-win-win!

Here are a few lunchtime workout hacks for you:

  1. Athletic body wipes. Maybe you don’t have access to a locker room or showers, or maybe you’re not convinced there’s enough time to shower and make it back to work. Or, maybe you’re like me and will workout later anyway, so why shower 4 times a day? Whatever the reason, you need these in your life. I swear by the one on the left, and used the one on the right for my 36-hour-in-a-van-Ragnar-relay adventure.  IMG_1660
  2. Dry shampoo. My bff Natalie turned me on to this stuff, and I cannot believe I’d never used it prior to this year. This stuff is magical. Like, magical. I’ve been rocking the one on the left, and can’t wait to try the one on the right. It makes your hair bounce right back! It works best on dry hair. Bonus hack – if you have access to a hand dryer, you can totally turn the nozzle upward and use that as a hair dryer. You’re welcome. IMG_2061
  3. Non-creasing ponytail holders. I usually use the Goody brand ‘ouchless’ basic hair ties, but a client gave me these around the holidays and I’ve found they don’t put a crease in your hair!   IMG_1511
  4. Plan your meal in advance. The only way I can get away with teaching so much during lunchtime is to plan my meals on Sunday. I need to avoid being hangry both for myself and for the others around me. Plus, if you know your food is lined up, you’re more likely to step away from your desk for your lunchtime workout. Need tips for meal prepping? Here you go!  IMG_1771
  5. Find a fabulous finisher. For me, it’s sassy lipstick or lip gloss and body spray. I am still 12 and have Bath & Body Works cherry blossom spritz as my go-to. I love the scent, and it makes me feel ‘finished’ and presentable. Once I ditched the adult braces, I started to get excited about lip colors, and have found one that I treasure. Find your finishing piece, lipstick or otherwise, and rock that with confidence.  IMG_1512

You’re well on your way to becoming a lunchtime workout master with these tips!

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