Fit Friday #9: Tips for Joining Group Fitness Classes

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Have you ever thought about joining a group fitness class, but ended up NOT doing it because of fear? Think about this: every single person who takes group fitness classes started as a NEW participant. Hear that? Everyone is a beginner!

As a group fitness instructor for almost eight years now, I’ve been encouraged by the community built in our fitness classes. It’s the most uplifting, energy-packed, amazing environment, and I’m on a mission to encourage people to step outside the comfort zone and enter an even more comforting zone.


With that in mind, I’ve put together a few tips for joining a new-to-you class or classes in general:

Tips for Joining a Group Fitness Class

  1. Show up. On time, or a little early if that’s possible. Showing up is half the battle…bite the bullet and give it a try.
  2. Breathe. It sounds simple, but sometimes the thought of trying something new is enough to make you anxious or get you all tense. Relax! Everyone in class was new at one point, and experienced the same thoughts and emotions as you.
  3. Introduce yourself to the instructor. Don’t hide in the back corner! As a group fitness instructor, I can honestly tell you that I love when new people come up to me before or after class. I love seeing new faces, and it means so much when those new faces come up and say hello. Feel free to also ask about different moves, “How can I improve this” etc. – we’re here to help! Related — if you have any issues or previous injuries, it’s SUPER helpful for the instructor to know. We can help suggest variations to moves, or I’ve even come up with ALL different moves for students to try in certain classes. It can be done, we just need a head’s up from you.
  4. Go at your own pace. You don’t have to try to reach the level of every other person in class. Be safe — you know your abilities, your medical history, etc. – do what’s right for you. Everyone approaches the moves in class a little differently, and I love that aspect of group training. As the instructor, I learn from you, too!
  5. Drink water. And take a break if you need to. You will not be judged for slowing down or stopping…think of the class as a big family!
  6. And, a bonus tip… Have fun. Because fitness is fun! Especially in a group setting. Everyone there wants to workout, have fun, and learn from one another. It’s the neatest environment!

I hope to see you in a class soon! Check out the SUMMER SCHEDULE, which starts May 15 here.

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