Fit Friday #3: Essential Running Gear

As a long-time runner, I’ve been through my fair share of gear. There are some items that I love for a little awhile, and some that I can’t live without – that’s the list I’m sharing with you!

Five Favorite Running Items:

    • Visor. Beyond being practical (the visor holds my headlamp — see #2 — and also prevents sun-in-the-eyes if I run during the day), I don’t feel complete unless I have something on my head. A hat can almost be too much happening on my head, so a visor is perfect. I also sport a thermal headband in the winter months.

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    • Safety gear. My current jam is pre-sunrise running. I love running first thing in the morning. Safety is definitely a huge concern, since it’s pitch black. I wear a headlight as well as a reflective vest.

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    • Post-run hydration.  I’m a huge NUUN fan. #teamnuun I’ll usually start with plain water first, and then on my second round of hydration, I’ll pop a nuun tab into 16 oz. of water. My favorite is the lemon-lime favorite, but I also love orange and strawberry lemonade. There are so many great flavors! I love these because they not only hydrate, they replenish those essential electrolytes that the body uses during a workout.

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    • Nike running sneaks. I’ve tried lots of different types of sneaks  – mizuno, new balance, asics, adidas, and I always come back to Nike. I specifically love the Nike free and the Nike flex. I love a good lightweight build; I don’t like the way a heavier shoe feels.
    • Running socks. Okay, I have a few favorites, depending on the season. I’m a huge feetures sock fan, they have padding in the right places and feel so great during long runs when it’s cold. During the warmer months, my feet sport bombas, which are lightweight. Both of these socks do not fall down. This is so huge as a runner — the last thing you want to do is stop a run to pull up your socks. My running buddy Melissa also gifted me a pair of smart wool socks which have been amazeballs on those sub-30 degree running mornings.

While you’re getting super excited about running gear, let’s chat about spring races! Are you planning on running any races this spring? I have a great suggestion — ZOOMA on June 3, in Annapolis. This is hands down my favorite race course and favorite race organization of all time. The atmosphere is electric, you’re supporting female runners, and it’s probably the most scenic course ever. This year, I’m running the half marathon and would love to see your pretty face there too!

There are options: a 5k, a 10k, and a half marathon (and even some virtual options).

EVEN BETTER, I have a fancy 10% discount code if you sign-up — AUNDRA2017. Here’s the link to register.

Do you have any running gear that you cannot live without? Please share!

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