Fit Friday #14: Core & More Challenge

Welcome to a new series on the blog: Fit Friday! We’ll explore topics in fitness and wellness together. Have something you want me to answer or cover? hmu at Here’s a collection of all the Fit Friday posts.

I’m so excited to announce the June online group challenge: Core & More!

What does it entail? Well, this is a special challenge. In addition to a daily move prompt, we will also be sharing a health/wellness tidbit of our day.

I love challenge groups for the accountability. It’s a great reminder to get your move/prompt complete for the day, and you can enjoy the fact that other people are surviving the same torture happy fitness moves as you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Join the Core & More facebook group.
  2. Check out the moves – I posted a list and pictures.
  3. On June 12, get started! Day 1 is walking planks AND post a pic of your breakfast.
  4. Post when you’ve completed the move and post the wellness prompt of the day.
  5. Like & comment on other challenger posts! Let’s encourage each other!

Here’s the list of moves and wellness prompts:


I hope to see you in the group! Let’s work to build community and a stronger core this month.

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