Early Thoughts on Planning a Wedding

I got engaged less than 2 months ago. Johnny proposed in Yellowstone National Park on our 1-year dating anniversary (read the full romantic story).

Until about a year and a half ago, I never considered getting married. I think it boils down to finding a good match, someone you’d want to be with every day. I’m so glad I’ve found him!

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What I’ve learned so far:

1) The advice is free-flowing, google and facebook know what’s up, and the lists, tips, and articles never end. I think there has to be a point when I actively decide not to look, not to open the email messages, and just be satisfied with my few choices.

2) Weddings are expensive. I’ve learned that if you call a vendor and say “wedding” they will automatically add 30% to the price. I’m tempted to pretend I’m planning a “corporate event” to see what prices that will get me.

3) It’s ok to change your mind, especially when wedding “decisions” are made within two weeks of getting engaged. Nothing is set in stone unless we say so.

4) I’m way more excited to be married then to have a wedding. And it’s ok!! Not everyone dreams of having a wedding. I’m excited to celebrate and share with friends and family, but I’m way more excited to be MARRIED to Johnny!

5) DIY options are endless. Look at my pinterest board! I think I’ll get into the wedding spirit when I’m DIYing our seating chart or putting together cute table arrangements.

6) Customer service is important. Johnny and I were so turned off by two horrible customer service responses (or lack thereof) we’ve received while on the hunt for the perfect location. Maybe we’re both extra critical because we work in customer service environments. Answer emails, call people back, and show up (oh yes, that has happened)!

What wedding tips or advice do you have?

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