DIY Wedding Signs

To celebrate TEN MORE DAYS until the wedding, I’m here with a fun wedding update post.

Early on, we decided we want to create a few fun signs to place around our wedding venue. One of my ‘must-haves’ for a wedding site was that everything–ceremony, cocktail hour, reception–take place within walking distance.

We got super lucky when we found the houses and gardens of Historic Odessa, because not only is it gorgeous there, but all of the parts of the wedding take place within the same property, requiring just a few steps from one phase of the wedding to the next.

To help guests get from one place to the next, and just for fun, we created these fun signs!


I got the ideas for the signs and the wording via Pinterest. The happiness quote is from my favorite book – Into the Wild.

I simply chose sign designs that I liked, printed them, handed them to Johnny, and he went shopping for the materials, built them, and painted all of them white.


I tackled the lettering, using mostly free hand (no lines, just straight craft black paint), and stencils for the block letters and the floral designs.

This one is to encourage guests to choose a seat, not sit on one side (bride or groom). IMG_6434 This one is fun and practical, pointing the way to all the necessary places. IMG_6436

This was such a fun DIY project! It can be time-consuming, so it’s best to work on it in stages. I have one more standing sign to complete, then it’s on to the chalkboard table signs!

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