Connor’Smiles 5K Race

Today, I finished race #8 of my racing career! {well, 9 if you count the Virtual 5K…}

The Connor’Smiles 5K at Camp Pecometh

We raced in memory of Connor Rice, a 15-year old local boy who was in a tragic car accident last fall. Connor was athletic and a member of the cross country team for Queen Anne’s County HS, so a memorial race to raise money for the Connor Rice Memorial Fund was a fitting way to honor his memory!

While I didn’t know Connor, his mom attended a couple of my Zumba classes when I taught in Centreville. Also, this race benefits and celebrates the local community.
Nearly 250 people came to join the community for this event!

The weather was perfect. The race was well organized, but I did experience my first race mishap! The course was a bit of a maze, but there were signs at most turns, and at some points, there were individuals wearing bright orange shirts pointing the right direction.

Except at one junction. I turned right at a corner when I should’ve gone forward.  About .1 miles down this path, I realized that I running toward the finish–but there was no way I had finished 3 miles. A mom/daughter duo ahead of me did the same thing, and after we stopped and stared at each other for a brief moment, we decided we’d made a wrong turn!

This is when I did something silly – I sprinted to the place where I made the wrong turn, hoping to recover my time. Usually, I sprint toward the end of a race, not in the middle. My last mile was tougher than the first two, and there was a fairly steep hill to climb just before the end.

But! I still managed to race a personal best! My self-recorded time was 26:37, more than 30 seconds faster than the 27:10 time I raced last fall. I’ll get the official results to compare!

I left the race before the results to make it back for the Chestertown Farmer’s Market, so I missed the announcement that I won my age group! Pretty sweet deal!!!

Post-race and Market, I whipped up a fabulous Green Monster smoothie – this one has 1 c. milk, 2 c. raw spinach, 1 banana, and 1 scoop of whey protein powder. It was delicious! The chocolate protein powder pairs well with the spinach. Really.

It also paired nicely with my smoothie date. 😉

We enjoyed our smoothies on the back porch. What a gorgeous day! We spent most of the late morning/early afternoon in the garden – I transplanted some of our seedlings, and Shane made huge headway with the mulching project — I’ll share photos soon!

We capped off the beautiful day with a spontaneous boating adventure on the Chester River with friends and a viewing of Dark Shadows at the Chester 5.

Such a full, busy, wonderful day! Can’t wait for the next race which happens to be…next weekend. Eek!

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