Coffee Talk Tuesday #74

It’s Tuesday! Grab a cup and let’s get together for a Coffee Talk.


Isn’t this the cutest little tea cup? I got to decorate my house for an impromptu and very special bridal/bachelorette party this weekend!

If we were having coffee together today, I’d tell you that husband & I made a special trip to Woodberry Kitchen this weekend! We had brunch and oh my was it delicious. I’ve wanted to go to Woodberry Kitchen for some time, and the husband actually got me a gift card two Christmases ago, and we finally went for Valentine’s Day. I got a buttermilk pancake that was the size of my head and cooked in a cast iron skillet. It was topped with blueberries and maple pecan cream cheese. I couldn’t finish it, but believe that I definitely tried! Husband got ‘the best’ fish/flounder sandwich he’s ever had. We completed our trip with a stop at Target and Whole Foods. That’s my favorite date ever!

If we were having coffee together today, I’d tell you that I’ve been mulling over a couple of different thoughts. Want to venture down the rabbit hole with me today? Here goes. How easily could you forgive someone? I’m not pinpointing one specific event, more of a thought around forgiveness.

Here’s an example of something I’ve been thinking about–if you meet someone and have an initial awful, rude, nasty interaction with them, and then lots of time passes, and you re-meet or re-engage with that individual and it’s a pleasant interaction–what do you do? Do you hold a grudge against the person for the way they previously acted? Do you give people the benefit of the doubt? Do you accept that people can change and maybe realized the error of their previous ways? An extra kicker: what if that person doesn’t remember you upon that second interaction? Is that on you? So, all this time, you’ve been harboring a negative vibe and maybe even avoiding that person if you can, and then you meet them again and to them, it’s the first time. And they are a different person almost. I guess this boils down to forgiveness, holding grudges, and accepting that people can and will change. Thoughts?

If we were having coffee together today, I’d share another string of thoughts rolling around in my mind. Here’s a question: What is healthy? What does it mean to be healthy? We’re faced with so many answers to this question, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the same exact response from clients or fellow trainers. Some people talk about healthy attitude, mental health, physical health, eating, exercise, nutrients, relationships, etc.

On any given day, I could even offer a different answer to this question. Many times, I’ll give an answer of “finding your balance,” meaning it’s a little bit of everything. I’ve learned from 9 years of teaching and training that the answer can change based on your priorities, too. When I first started training, being healthy meant a certain number on the scale and a certain dress size. Fast forward a decade, being healthy (to me!) means eating to fuel activity, clarity of mind, feeling rested, taking time for myself when I need it, not saying yes to every little thing because I think it might offer me something in return (regardless of the toll on me), spending time with my husband, and giving myself creative room–I need to create in order to flourish.

I’m curious to hear your response to this question. So, your turn! What does it mean to be healthy?

That’s all for this week! I look forward to your answers.

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2 Responses to Coffee Talk Tuesday #74

  1. Lauren G. says:

    Hey Aundra, I can relate on both sides to your first question. I’ve had experiences where my experience with someone was not pleasant and I have also had the experience where I think I was the person who left a bad taste (was not being rude but not being myself because I was nervous and it made me for whatever reason act the way I did). I would want someone to give me a second chance cause I had a bad day or am bad at first impressions and for them to see that I’m not typically that way! I try to give people the benefit because people have bad days and or human. And screw up. And maybe that person DOES remember you but is so embarrassed by their behavior last time they met you they will pretend they didn’t meet you before and try to make a better second impression. Does that make sense? It could also be none of that and you may want to cautiously engage with them in the future if you need to to see how they are on a regular basis. I try to ask myself is it healthier/easier for me to hold a grudge or to let things go and forgive. My answer changes on the situation!
    Hope all is well 🙂

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