Coffee Talk Tuesday #72

Grab your cup! It’s time for a Coffee Talk Tuesday.

IMG_3698 I’m going full-combo mode and making this a Transformation Tuesday meets Coffee Talk Tuesday. Ya in? If we were having coffee together today…

After one year with the BBG/Bikini Body Guide/Sweat workout series, I thought I’d give an update about my thoughts with the program. You can read my first transformation and a full spotlight on the BBG program here. I’ve had so many questions about the program and many of you have told me that you’ve started it, too! I love that!

(Side note: this is NOT a paid advertisement, I genuinely use this service and love it and want to share it with you)

Since starting the BBG program in January 2017, I’ve experience so many welcomed changes, and not just to my physical body. Sure, the resistance-style workouts have done wonders to shift my physical body, but I’ve experienced amazing emotional and mental changes, too. I had no idea the effect that this rigorous program would have on me.

Truthfully, when I started the program, I needed something to keep me accountable and moving. That sounds crazy coming from a fitness instructor who teaches 9+ classes a week, but it’s the truth! I love my classes and treasure my time and creative spaces to develop and implement choreography, but it’s 100% for other people. Which is great, and THE BEST job in the world, BUT I knew I needed to do something for me. To keep me sane. To keep me fit. To keep me healthy to get through all those fitness sessions.

Since then? I’ve had my craziest, strongest, most creative year yet. Physical changes aside for just a moment, I’d love to promote the confidence this program provides. First of all, just committing to the 12 weeks is an incredible feat! I’m so glad I jumped into the program when Kayla ran her 12 week challenge in January (psst: it’s happening again NOW). Through the different hashtags, I was able to follow others on their journeys, too. That’s inspiring and motivating – to see the success in every other person’s steps.

After just a few short weeks of following the program (for me, that meant doing the 3 resistance workouts, and counting the steady-state cardio as my cardio class time), I felt good. I craved more. I wanted to keep building strength. I followed the program for the full 12 weeks and then kept going with bbg 2.0 – another 12 weeks. I got rid of clothing that no longer fit (too big), and even started taking REAL days off work (all of this vacation time that I built by never taking any) to have some me time. I found another fitness love – Buti Yoga. I made time to go to these classes each week, and found myself getting even stronger, leaner, more flexible.

With this powerful combination, I felt alive. I used this energy to obtain another fitness certification, and to fuel a decision I should’ve made years ago – freeing myself from a job that no longer matched my energy, amazing skill set, or desire. It was terrifying and uplifting at the same time to have the confidence to walk away from something that no longer served me. I’ve enjoyed the different pace of these past few months, and I really credit it all to starting that BBG 12 week challenge last January. Now, I’m on bbg stronger 2.0 (another workout in the program) and really want to do the PWR program after this set of 12 weeks.

Just think…what could it do for you?

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