Coffee Talk Tuesday #59

Welcome to our weekly chat! I liked mixing it up last week with a Day in the Life post, but am happy to be back to our Coffee Talk Tuesday. Grab your cup, let’s have a chat.

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If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you that I’m debuting the NEW fall schedule for fitness classes and there are some c-h-a-n-g-e-s. I like mixing it up. Some of the changes are my requests, some are the request of the facility. Which are which? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. Unless you follow me on instagram, that’s been my “tell it all” social medium of choice. Really.

Related, I’m starting a new FREE online challenge group! No gimmicks, just free and fun. It’s called Planks & Positivity and the idea is that we will have one plank style a day and one positive prompt for the day. This will be extra fun. Join us! Open to all.

If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you that I’ve been feeling all sorts of strong and confident, and for ONCE am not ashamed to share it. I’ve found a ‘winning’ mixture for myself (some crazy combo of daily smoothies, the right mix in my lunch ‘bento’ boxes, Johnny’s lower carb cooking, Buti Yoga, regular hot yoga, BBG, BBG stronger, shorter runs, and trying new, ACTUAL RECOVERY, different classes) and I’m super stoked about it. Abs and muscles and a decreasing waistline, I’ll take it all. But the BEST part? I’m overflowing with energy (like even more than before), and I haven’t been sick/felt sick since I started my BBG program in January. Ummmm, that’s amazeballs.

If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you that I’m famous! Haha, not really, but I have a happy quote in an article in our national journal. It’s for admissions profesh peeps like me. I didn’t even realize it had been printed, a counselor friend reached out to me, jokingly asking for an autograph. Stand in line. Just kidding. Lines are silly. Page 31 if you want to see my beautiful name in print and hear my thoughts on a stand-out recommendation letter.

If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you that I’m leading a free family fitness class in Rock Hall! I’m diggin’ the vibes of these family fitness-style classes. I kind of want to keep going with it and see how many communities I can share my love of quirky fitness things with — any bets?

If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you that I bought a plane ticket to Seattle! Husband is actually heading there for a work conference to PRESENT (I so wish I could watch this) and I’m tagging along because I’ve never been to Seattle! I have a full list of things I want to see and do and cannot wait to explore. I’ll be in Boston like two weeks before this trip, so I’ll get to see both coasts within a couple of weeks! It’s definitely helping with the whole not-crazy-traveling for work thing anymore.

Speaking of trips, we’re looking to book something for our winter break (seriously the BEST reason to stay in higher ed as a staff member – we get like a full 10 days off at the holidays, amazing). Husband and I are all in for the idea of gifting each other a trip for Christmas and our 2 year (eeeee) wedding anniversary (which is also our 3 year engagement anniversary and 4 year dating anniversary. We like to keep it all on the same date). I love gifting adventure trips vs. stuff for sure. We have lots of good ideas for where to go. More on this, I’m sure!

If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you that I have lots of great, creative work things cooking at the moment. It’s awesome to have some renewed energy toward projects after our retreat. I’m an action person, so I don’t like to wait for meetings, decisions, etc., I like to map a plan and go for it (I’m in the ‘I’ll ask for forgiveness’ group vs. the ‘I’ll ask for permission’ group which sometimes clashes with others, but I like to at least try things).

If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you that my little sister is visiting this weekend! It’s been so long since she’s been to Chestertown, this will be very sweet.

There’s always an adventure ’round these parts (have you seen the projects happening in my house? Having a handy and creative husband is pretty awesome), but that’s cool for now. What’s up in your world?

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