Coffee Talk Tuesday #58

It’s Coffee Talk Tuesday! Grab your cup and let’s chat.


If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that yesterday was insane. I went from a 5 a.m. run to work, to teach insanity at lunchtime, more work, to my BBG stronger arms workout to teach turbokick, then taught a private Zumba Glow Party class. WHEW! Thank goodness for my meal prep, nuun tablets, and all the water. I slept SO well last night.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that the rest of the week is equally chaotic. I like to pack it all in, you know? I’m attending two different workshops this week (one right after teaching a class), on top of the six classes that I teach, two more BBG stronger workouts, maybe a run in there somewhere, and taking my beloved Buti class this weekend. I often joke to my running friends that I have no need to ever train for a marathon, as my life is kind of like marathon training on repeat. In related news, I think I’m running faster with all the BBG stronger workouts!

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I’ve started implementing some of the ideas from one of my favorite books that I just re-readTribes. The big idea is that you don’t have to be in charge to be the leader, that you can gather the ‘troops’ in other meaningful ways. I have zero desire to be in charge, but I do like leading initiatives and change, and identify strongly as a heretic. Wish me luck.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I got a full scholarship to attend a new instructor training! I’d chosen the format, but didn’t sign up yet, and THEN, my master trainer contacted a bunch of us to apply for a full scholarship to get trained in the format. And I got one!!!! I’m super excited to bring this scary-for-me-to-teach format to you sooooon. Stay tuned. In related news, I’m (on a whim) planning on attending a new class training with another local instructor in August! Intrigue.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I’m feeling so strong and confident these days. And it’s kind of amazing. My intention word for 2017 is CONFIDENT and it’s one of the reasons I started the BBG program – I’d been teaching SO much and trying so many new class times/locations that my own workouts were not up to par (on my standards), or I’d leave little-to-no time for them. When I feel strong, I feel confident. So, enter BBG and then BBG stronger. I also jumped into taking more hot yoga classes which make me feel amazing, started taking Buti Yoga classes, and am open to trying lots of different workshops/formats. I love this feeling, it keeps me energized, which in turn makes me a better instructor!

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that we went on a spontaneous beach day trip on Sunday, and it was one of the best decisions ever. It was a beautiful day, we’re always saying how close we live to the ocean, so we packed up and left! We’re both content to spend just a couple of hours on the beach, so a day trip is actually perfect for us. And it’s SO close to where we live. We’re already planning another beach trip soon! Ahhh, summer.

That’s good for today, yeah? I hope you’re having a great week so far!

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