Coffee Talk Tuesday #55

It’s Tuesday! Grab your cup and let’s settle for a Coffee Talk chat.

If we were having coffee together today, I’d tell you that we had a whirlwind of a weekend! Between driving 8 hours round-trip to have dinner with my family for Father’s Day and then spending Sunday evening with Johnny’s dad, we definitely felt on-the-go! In great news, Johnny worked on Sunday morning to grout and clean the backsplash tiles. It looks SO good. I’ll share an update soon!

If we were having coffee together today, I’d tell you that I had a TREAT YO’SELF day on Friday. I started with yummy hot yoga in the morning, then got my unsweetened green tea frappe treat from Starbucks, then I treated myself to NEW colorful sharpie markers and a spa pedicure! I chose a super fun pink color, you can see them peepin’ in my picture! Such a good day. I rounded out Friday with the final installment of the Free Family Fitness series (complete with a fidget spinner game edition, what a fun, quick craft!).

If we were having coffee together today, I’d tell you that I’ve been in a SHARING mood lately. Last Friday, I shared some confessions of a fitness instructor with tricks of my trade, and today (GULP), I’m sharing a ‘Transformation Tuesday’ type post on instagram, with some very exciting progress from my BBG workouts. I’ve been rockin’ BBG workouts since January 12. I completed 20 weeks of BBG and then started BBG stronger, now I’m on week 4. I’ve noticed a difference already, just switching to the new stronger program. It’s heavier on the weights, which really gives me results and keeps me motivated. Be kind to my progress? I’m forever a work in progress, as are you! Our bodies are amazing and they change and adapt as we treat them with kindness.

If we were having coffee together today, I’d tell you that I’m beyond pleased with the progress of the Core & More Challenge group! I love hosting these free online challenges and get so excited when someone posts, shares, comments, etc. It’s thrilling to see people coming together over health and wellness topics. It’s never too late to join!

If we were having coffee together today, I’d tell you that I’ve been thinking a LOT about image, social personality, posts on social, etc. I actually love sharing on social sites, and tracking progress. It’s extremely helpful to my personal development, and I love that I’ve been able to curate a business online to complement my in-person fitness classes. I might not post every last detail about my life, but I’m true to my posts. Actually, I think I’m more ‘real’ on social media than I am in person.

Things that I don’t post about that I think I should share (man, this could be a whole post): I’m definitely an introvert. I like my alone time (maybe you can glean that from posts), and need LOTS of it to ‘recover’ from being extroverted as a fitness instructor. I’m super awkward and can be known to bless and thank myself when I sneeze. Even in front of people. I can absolutely polish a complete bag of tortilla chips in one or two sittings. They’re my jam. I’m REALLY ridiculously into Keeping up with the Kardashians. I’m addicted. I completely overthink things and even have full conversations with myself to resolve conflicts. #weirdo Who knows? Maybe you’ll see these things in future posts, because they’re all part of me!

If we were having coffee together today, I’d tell you that I’m very excited to host a Summer Solstice class in the park tomorrow! I’ve hosted this class for the past 4 years and love being able to offer it for free. Together, we welcome the start of summer with 108 sun salutations (the PiYo way – plank, chaturanga, upward-facing dog OR cobra, downward-facing dog). It’s an intense 30 -40 minutes and your shoulders will look hella good the next day. And, um, they’ll feel good, too. Join us!

Other than being very excited for upcoming events, I’m also looking forward to my conference in Chicago AND heading to OBX with the husband! I love having adventures on the horizon. Did I tell you that, for his birthday, I got the husband a¬†water jet pack adventure in OBX? We love trying new things, and I’m absolutely terrified. But it will be blast. Stay tuned for video!!!!!

That’s what’s in my cup today, how about you?


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