Coffee Talk Tuesday #43

Welcome to Coffee Talk Tuesday! Grab your cup.

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ok, ok, it’s not coffee. But isn’t this cuppow lid for my smoothie adorbs?

If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you about the AWESOME experience I had on Friday night. On a whim, like 10 days ago, I signed up for a master class with Beachyogagirl (Kerri Verna) in D.C. Going to this event meant 3+ hours in the car, and a late night the day before our 9-hour Saturday visit program/interviews. But do I regret it? NOPE. I adore Kerri, and have been following her adventures on instagram for quite some time. I lived for her yoga monthly challenges with Kino. I enjoy taking workshops/master classes like this because I always learn something new. This was a 90-minute class, and her sequencing was awesome – the perfect combination of challenging and strengthening (my shoulders and triceps KILLED for two days). Part of her method is an inversion at the end of class – something you hold for 25 breaths. Like a great instructor, she cautioned that this should not be the first time you attempt a head or hand stand. I wasn’t sure if I could hold my headstand for 25 breaths, but I tried it and DID IT. I am so amazed…it’s something I didn’t realize I could do until given encouragement. I am so in love with this whole experience.

If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you that it’s week TWELVE of the BBG program for me. Like a good beginner, I started in January as part of this 12-week challenge. I’m going to keep going with it because I love the format of these workouts. I’m feeling stronger each week, my posture has improved, clothes fit better, and my stomach is flatter. I shared a little update on instagram about the awesomeness of this challenge so far!

If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you that our kitchen remodel project is gaining speed! We had a contractor come to make templates of the countertops we just purchased (this is the one piece of the kitchen remodel that the husband is not doing…he’s so handy and loves to do the work himself), and they’ll be back in a couple of weeks to install them! Then it will be up to us (haha, husband, but I’ll do what I can!!) to install the dishwasher/sink/gas stove top and backsplash. WHEW!

If we were having coffee together this week, I’d tell you that I have major plans this weekend to plant things in the garden, pull out my springy clothes, and I’m teaching two special classes for residence halls on campus. I love teaching special groups/classes!

What’s going on in your world this week?

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