Coffee Talk Tuesday #1

So, back when I blogged about working in the admissions world (as a Millennial Girl), I had a series called Coffee Talk Tuesday and it was my favorite to write!

A few years ago, when I was getting myself organized after a major lifestyle change, I made the decision to combine my various social channels. At the time, I had multiple twitter accounts, multiple blogs, multiple websites, and even three different identities. It was a lot to handle. A friend recommended combining it all into one place, and that’s how Fit with Aundra was born!

Anyway, a colleague made a very needed iced coffee run for some of us in the office today, and it reminded me of my favorite Coffee Talk Tuesday posts. Today is as good a day as any to resurrect that tradition!


Coffee Talk Tuesday

As I happily drink my delicious iced coffee, I’m brain-dumping all of the things on my mind into one place. I love this exercise because it helps me keep focused, assess my current situation, and find creativity in a normal day. I recommend it!

Here goes…

This week, I’m settling back into the work routine after a glorious week of vacation. We visited the PA ‘Grand Canyon’ and then Ocean City, Maryland. Posts to come about those adventures! I also turned 30, and had a few thoughts on that.

This week, I’m eating ALL the watermelon. I think I can successfully eat my weight in this stuff. It’s especially delicious right after teaching a lunchtime fitness class.


This week, I’m also testing out my NEW athletic shoes. I’ve never worn Adidas shoes before, but I’m loving these trainers. They made it through an insanity session and a TurboKick session, so I’m thinking they’re here to stay and total winners.


This week, we planted the flowers we nurtured from seeds, and I splurged on a few more flowers to brighten our garden. I’m loving this one in particular.


This week, we’re enjoying the first harvest of our spring garden! I went a little crazy planting lettuce, but I’m sure that will feel like a wise decision come dinnertime.


This week, I’m writing a blog post including helpful tips for meal planning. This is something I’ve done on and off for the past couple of years–prepare meals for breakfast and lunch. I’m always on the go due to teaching fitness classes, and it’s a struggle to make sure I’m eating right for me, eating good foods on the go, and that I’m prepped for the next class.

I’ve really gotten into meal planning, creating fun protein concoctions (like these birthday protein cookies), and I have so much fun planning and creating my boxes on Sundays for the week. Stay tuned for this post on Friday!


This week, I’m focusing on power in my exercises. I’m taking a short break from headstand practice and instead working on powerful movements that test my strength. I think this is beneficial to my personal practice, as well as a helpful way to measure my progress. I spent some time practicing flying superman push-ups yesterday and my body is feeling it today! Here’s a sample from instagram (in slo mo because why not).

This week, I’m working on some prep for a conference we have on campus next month, some creative work and strategy prep for Colchester Farm, and some communication strategy for the next cycle in my main day job. All critical and energy-consuming things this week. Friday will be welcomed with open arms.

On the fitness class front, I’m working on some new choreo for Zumba (two new song premieres this Friday!), the next set for Insanity (coming soon), and some new punch/kick combos for TurboKick. There’s always something new to learn! I’m also still working on my group exercise AFAA/NASM certification, and am hopeful to finish that and schedule a test by the end of the summer.

What’s on your mind this week?

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