Choosing Wedding Rings

We’ve hit a wedding-planning milestone: we have fewer than 100 days until we say “I Do!” (87 today!)

Because of this, and because I’m taking a ‘staycation’ from work to complete a few wedding tasks, I thought it was time for a wedding update.

Back in April, I had to go get my ring cleaned, to keep up with the 6-month appointments at the jeweler. Since we had to be there anyway, Johnny and I took the opportunity to look at wedding rings (!!!!). We didn’t expect to purchase them, just browse. But like all other wedding adventures we have, we found exactly the right rings on our first visit. So, we bought them.


I love, love, loved seeing a ring on Johnny’s finger. I’m so excited to officially put it there for the rest of our lives. Cue sappy music. But, really.

As for my band, Johnny actually encouraged me to go for the bling ring. I was planning on getting a simple band, because that’s what I thought I’d like. I tried on a few, but none of them felt right. Johnny pointed out this delicate diamond-filled band (that matches perfectly with my engagement ring), and when I slipped it on my finger, it felt and looked amazing.


Johnny has a thing for picking out rings I guess 🙂

This trip ended up being my favorite wedding adventure yet. Rings make it feel so official. I love that we have this piece of the wedding to-do list done, and I can’t wait to wear my ring all day every day.

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  1. Allison T. says:

    Oh Aundra, Johnny was SO right. That is beautiful and fits so well! The exchanging of vows and rings is magical. I encourage you to really make a mindful effort to remember those 2 moments. It can be hard, with all the excitement and nerves of the wedding day, but looking back I really remember those 2 parts and they mean so much. <3

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