Chestertown Half Marathon

I finished my second half marathon in Chestertown! I ran my first half marathon in Chestertown two years ago. It was also my first road race. The race today went so much smoother.

I love running in Chestertown. The course is pretty flat with a couple of steady climbs (though nothing like the hills in Annapolis or Baltimore races).

Lining up at the start for the race! There were tons of bright neon colors — I haven’t quite bought into the neon trend, I stick mostly to neutral or bold colors when I work out. I think the closest I get is with my Zumbawear!

 I take a photo like this at every. single. race. 
I think I nervously took one of these photos during my first race (I didn’t really know what I was supposed to be doing before the race started, and I showed up super early), and it just stuck! Now, I take one every time.

I’ve run most of this course before, but it was a little different two years ago (at least from what I remember…?). I love the parts along the small roads covered by trees. To me, this is the best place to run.

I ran this race at an incredibly even pace. At the end, I felt like I could keep going, which is a far cry from how I felt after my first half marathon experience. I trained hard and smart for this race, averaging 25 miles and three days running per week. 
I didn’t end up using my Nike+ app (and I didn’t listen to music either!), but I did a quick check of the time after each mile. Rounding up, here are my mile splits:
Mile 1: 10 min
Mile 2: 10 min
Mile 3: 9 min
Mile 4: 9 min
Mile 5: 11 min
Mile 6: 10 min
Mile 7: 10 min
Mile 8: 10 min
Mile 9: 10 min
Mile 10: 10 min
Mile 11: 11 min
Mile 12: 10 min
Mile 13: 9 min
I walked through three water stations, once for water and twice for gatorade. I started getting hungry around mile 5, which is something I’ve never experienced before during a race. I stopped at the next water station for gatorade, and the sugar/potassium kick helped lift me up.
After the race, I downed three bottles of water plus this kefir shake that Shane made for me.

Shane totally surprised me at the end — I didn’t expect him to be there! There were also a few sweet ladies who cheered me on at the end. It was nice to hear my name called as I was nearing the finish!

Codybear was so excited about the race medal. Sometimes, he likes to wear them around the house, for no reason at all. I think it reminds him of his good ol’ racing days.

I felt pretty great after the race. The rest of the afternoon, I just felt sleepy, kind of in a daze. Have to keep drinking water and work on filling up with yummy food!

What’s next? I’m running the “End of the Day 5k” during my admissions conference in Denver in two weeks. I’m also traveling to Cali and plan to have at least one beach training run! There is also a 5k race in Chestertown for a sorority scholarship fund and if we spend Thanksgiving in Bel Air again I plan to run the Turkey Trot there!

And…I’m running another half marathon. This one will be in Annapolis in December. My first December race! I’m registering with a friend–we’ve been running together in the mornings for a few weeks now and once we hit 10 miles, she was like “let’s sign up for a race!” I’m excited for my fall race schedule!

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  1. great job on your half! you are awesome!

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