A Change of Place

In 28 years, I’ve moved 17 times. The most memorable moves surround school-ages: leaving my elementary school in Ohio to move 11 hours away to Reading, Pennsylvania, and then again from PA to Chestertown, Maryland to attend college.

Just before Thanksgiving, I made what I believe will be my last move for a long time. If nothing else, it’s my most momentous move, my happiest move!

It was an easy move, just across town, and I had the fortune of moving slowly over the course of a couple of weeks (with the help of a strong man).

Most of my moves were involuntary, following my family as a child. Some of my adult moves have been necessary, such as going to college, or moving into my own place for the first time. This move is by far the best voluntary move I’ve ever made.

I had a fun time packing up my tiny apartment. It’s a craft I’ve mastered. One tip – use clear plastic bins instead of boxes. The cost up front is a little steeper, but you’ll be able to find everything so much easier at your new place.

photo 1 (26)

Before I moved, we immediately set to work on the master bedroom. Johnny had a previous tenant who occupied the master bedroom and bathroom (which was easier for the two of them), so we’re both moving into the master bedroom for the first time together.

We chose a color together (a very soft pink. Here’s why.) and spent a couple of days cleaning and painting the room and bathroom.

photo 2 (29)

Everything looks and feels like new! We purchased a new-to-us headboard and dresser for this room, too.

photo 3 (20)

Johnny sanded the dresser (which is 50 years old and real wood), and now we’re staining it a lovely shade of pecan. I also purchased new handles for the drawers.

photo 3 (21) photo 2 (30)

I’ll share photos once these items are in place and once we’ve hung the window valances and various shelves and other wall pieces in the master bedroom.

Speaking of wall pieces, I’m in love with our hallway galleries. Johnny had tons of free wall space, and I have lots of photos (a match made in heaven!). Most of my photo and poster frames are black, so we created these two galleries in the hallway. I love taking photos of food, and having pictures of our loved places and loved ones on the walls makes our house a home.

photo 5 (14)   photo 1 (27)

I’ll share this corner of the master bedroom – my “girl station.” I love this antique dressing table, and my need for organization is met with this arrangement for my jewelry. I love hooks and other wall organization items.


This is the right place. I love putting our home together, and finding ways to accommodate each other’s needs while developing a joint style. I look forward to many adventures to come in and around our home!

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