Bridal Shower Tea Party

My wonderful bridesmaids planned a fabulous Bridal Shower Tea Party!

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In the midst of being the primary coordinator for all things wedding, it was so awesome and super refreshing to get an invitation to a party that I merely had to attend. 

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Also, a tea party! Complete with fun dresses and hats! Best bridal party ever.

The ladies went all out with sweet decor. Check out the sweet touches:


It’s no secret that I LOVE all things “A”


Check out the mini tea cup ornaments on the back of the chair:


The tables each had these beautiful and fragrant roses, plenty of hot water, and a decorative tea cup for each guest.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.03.55 AM



The space looked and felt like the perfect atmosphere for an afternoon tea party.


Guests were encouraged to wear their “Sunday Best” attire and fun hats. I opted for a fascinator in the same shade as my main wedding color! What do you think?

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.04.09 AM

Everyone looked so great!

It wouldn’t be right to have an event without taking a PiYo class photo. We tried a pose photo, like we do, but dresses. (we already agreed to have yoga poses appear in wedding photos so GET READY)


{I love seeing these ladies all dolled up — we usually only see each other in gym clothes and sweaty}

The ladies planned a couple of fun games for the afternoon.

One of the games involved three teams competing to make the best dress out of one roll of toilet paper. I loved all of them, but had to choose a winner (any guesses which one I chose?).


The other game was super fun and unique – they pulled quotes from both mine and Johnny’s facebook page and had guests choose which one of us said it. There were a few challenging ones, they went way back on the timelines. It was fun to hear which ones they thought I said!

I loved my Bridal Shower and am looking forward to my Bachelorette Weekend (coming up this weekend!!). Then…the wedding! 66 Days until Anderson. I can’t even believe it.

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