Birthday 5k Race

To kick off my fabulous quarter-century birthday, I started the day with a 5k race!

{Tiara is courtesy of Amie. I totally ran with it on, too!! Everyone kept shouting “Happy Birthday!”}

This was my second ever 5k race. Remember my first 5k (a whole week ago!)?
My first race (the Chestertown Half Marathon) had a lot of people, but with a distance race, everyone is so spread out, I didn’t really notice all the people. Today, there were considerably more people running the 5k; I definitely ran in groups for this one (and practiced my weaving!).
The size and closeness of everyone impacted my racing, but I still did very well! I felt strong, powered up the hill, and kept a 9:06 pace. Pretty awesome for a girl who used to run 11:00 minute miles!! Each time I run a race, I’ll be more prepped for the next one. Racing becomes addicting. It’s awesome to be surrounded by these powerful, strong, healthy athletes – so inspiring when a young dude crosses the finish line in 16 minutes!
Checking in…all butterflies before the race! We walked down to the water (where the race was starting) from home to warm up.
Starting the race! It took us almost a minute to get to the start line!
There we are!
Super smiles for the last stretch. I love sprinting the last tenth of a mile. This is what I look like sprinting! haha.
It was a hot morning! But we survived, and loved every minute of it. Love to Amie for coming from NJ to run with me! Amie’s an awesome runner. She even helped organize a 5k for her elementary school at home!
This is probably my favorite post-race picture. Shane insisted that I climb onto his back. Love his expression!
Okay, I take it back. This is my favorite post-race picture. The idea was to jump at the same time. Shane got the message (I think this is on his way down), and I’m just standing there with a goofy grin. Priceless!

After the race (and several cups of water), we walked around Tea Party in downtown Chestertown. Tea Party is this reenactment festival for my tiny, lovely town. Thousands of people flood the downtown area in celebration. It’s always neat to spend a few minutes walking around! We didn’t stay too long, we had strawberry picking to do!

Having completed my goal for two races in May, I’m now in search of another fun race for the summer! Any suggestions?

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