Fitness Friday #55: 5 Lunchtime Workout Hacks

You’re a busy person. I totally get that! You want to include a workout session in your day, but can’t get into the early morning person thing and have too many commitments after work to be an evening workout person.

What can you do?


Become a lunchtime workout person!

I love leading lunchtime classes. I usually prefer working out in the morning, because that’s my most productive and focused time, but I think there’s so much value in a lunchtime workout.

You get to leave your desk, you’re setting yourself up for afternoon success (and avoiding that afternoon slump), and you’re fitting your workout into your busy schedule. Win-win-win!

Here are a few lunchtime workout hacks for you:

  1. Athletic body wipes. Maybe you don’t have access to a locker room or showers, or maybe you’re not convinced there’s enough time to shower and make it back to work. Or, maybe you’re like me and will workout later anyway, so why shower 4 times a day? Whatever the reason, you need these in your life. I swear by the one on the left, and used the one on the right for my 36-hour-in-a-van-Ragnar-relay adventure.  IMG_1660
  2. Dry shampoo. My bff Natalie turned me on to this stuff, and I cannot believe I’d never used it prior to this year. This stuff is magical. Like, magical. I’ve been rocking the one on the left, and can’t wait to try the one on the right. It makes your hair bounce right back! It works best on dry hair. Bonus hack – if you have access to a hand dryer, you can totally turn the nozzle upward and use that as a hair dryer. You’re welcome. IMG_2061
  3. Non-creasing ponytail holders. I usually use the Goody brand ‘ouchless’ basic hair ties, but a client gave me these around the holidays and I’ve found they don’t put a crease in your hair!   IMG_1511
  4. Plan your meal in advance. The only way I can get away with teaching so much during lunchtime is to plan my meals on Sunday. I need to avoid being hangry both for myself and for the others around me. Plus, if you know your food is lined up, you’re more likely to step away from your desk for your lunchtime workout. Need tips for meal prepping? Here you go! IMG_1771
  5. Find a fabulous finisher. For me, it’s sassy lipstick or lip gloss and body spray. I am still 12 and have Bath & Body Works cherry blossom spritz as my go-to. I love the scent, and it makes me feel ‘finished’ and presentable. Once I ditched the adult braces, I started to get excited about lip colors, and have found one that I treasure. Find your finishing piece, lipstick or otherwise, and rock that with confidence.  IMG_1512

You’re well on your way to becoming a lunchtime workout master with these tips!

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Coffee Talk Tuesday #3

Happy Coffee Talk Tuesday! Welcome to the weekly chat where I spill my guts and try not to spill my coffee. That would be very sad.

image1 (1)

Today is International Yoga Day! So, you get a yoga pose pic with a side of sassy for today. I’m a tree.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that my shoulders are very sore. This weekend, I led a summer solstice celebration in the park. Together, we performed 108 sun salutations (plank, chaturanga, upward-facing dog, downward-facing dog) to welcome summer. Ouch.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I’m heading to MAINE next week! We’re going for a long July 4 weekend to Acadia National Park. I’m so essite.

If we were having coffee today, I’d reveal that I’m not super happy with my current state of wellness. Especially as a fitness instructor, I have to watch myself–I might lead 10 classes a week, but those are not workouts for me. Sometimes, I’m too spent from teaching and motivating others that my own workouts suffer. It’s a real thing! Instructors, beware.

So, what am I doing about it? I’ve signed up for yoga classes, committing to yoga and/or barre just for myself, as a student. I purchased the sweetest little cruiser bike and am making efforts to ride vs. drive (I used to walk everywhere and I miss that). I had to find a bike that can fit my ginormous instructor lady bag. I know food plays a HUGE part, and my meal prep boxes are helpful, and we’re committing to eating more salads for dinner (mostly because the garden is going crazy with lettuce). I have a plan. I like plans.

My gorgeous new cruiser!!! 😍😍😍

A photo posted by Aundra Anderson (@fitwithaundra) on

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I miss running. (see the last convo starter) Like, really running. Like, 5-10 miles running. I want to run, but am having a hard time convincing myself to do it, and very little time left for me and my workouts in the week. I’m always running to work, do chores, attend functions and meetings, and teach. BUT, like I always tell you (practice what you preach), you make time for what’s truly important. Noted, y’all.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I received a message via facebook from an old college friend who stated that my crazy enthusiastic fitness posts inspired her to make a change in her life. She actually signed up for (and now LOVES) Zumba. I’m so tickled that someone took the time to reach out to me. I plan to pay it forward and reach out to someone who inspires me, too. Do more of that, y’all.

Go have a great (yoga-tastic) day!

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Coffee Talk Tuesday #2

Happy Coffee Talk Tuesday! Welcome to the weekly chat where I spill my guts and try not to spill my coffee. That would be very sad.


If we were having coffee today, I’d start by telling you that I’m feeling overwhelmed. Traditionally, summer is my time to s-l-o-w down, re-focus, re-energize. I’m still waiting for that to happen. Work has been driving me Nuts (capital ‘N’ for emphasis) and now my personal workouts are suffering as a result. All in my head, but something’s gotta give. And I know I’m the only one who can make that happen.


Over a steamy sip of coconut macaroon coffee (what I’m rocking today), I’d also tell you how I’m amazed at what I’m able to accomplish, even with feeling overwhelmed. I’m kind of the rock star of to-do lists. Should I be proud of that? I have mixed feelings. It’s great to be able to get so many things done, but my days just become to-do lists. And I sort of rush from thing to thing each day, with very little or no margin time. I’m not complaining, just taking a thoughtful approach to my daily routine.

At least I have this sweet face to greet me:  IMG_1769

Over coffee today (my, my I’m doing most of the talking) I’d tell you in the same breath that I feel lucky – I have a wonderful husband who takes care of me and our home, makes dinner every night (tasty dinner), and has a family who has welcomed me as one of their own. We were at a birthday party this past weekend for one of the littles, and it was just so nice to be part of something like that, while making future plans with them, too.

Coffee is getting low, but with our last few sips I’d tell you that I impulsively purchased a bicycle (a cruiser) this weekend! I’m very excited to ride around town, bike to work, the whole lot. I haven’t owned my own bicycle since I was a little girl, so this is very thrilling to me. I ordered it online (SHOCKER), so it will come in pieces, but luckily my handy husband loves solving problems and putting things together!

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Motivation Monday: Cheryl’s Story

A new series on the blog, Motivation Monday will share YOUR stories. Have you made a change in your life? Want to share your progress? Send me a message at and let’s tell your story!

Read previous Motivation Monday posts.

‘Never an Athlete’
I was never an athlete in my growing up years. I didn’t even really
know that girls’ extracurricular sports existed. My biggest goal in my
own life had always been to avoid all balls, since my elementary school
experience was mostly that my glasses seemed to be a magnet for


So when forced to participate in softball in 6th grade, I’d stand
in left field where I hoped balls never went. During 9th grade
volleyball, I became adept at jumping aside for the more engaged
players to yell, “Mine!” as they dove at the ball coming straight at me.
I was an expert at “playing my position” at right wing in 7th grade field
hockey, since I’d observed that the ball rarely came out as far as that. I
do have fond memories of going in a small circle during jr. high school
gym class, close to the basketball hoop, pretending to have a ball in my
hands, following the other girls and repeating to myself, over and over,
“1, 2, 3, up,” as we drilled for a layup. I did great without the ball.
But when we got the real thing, I was sunk.

Dancing Queen

So you get the picture. Not really in tune with organized physical activities. Except that when I was a little girl, I wanted to dance. I dreamed of dancing imagined
myself as one of the fancy ladies on The Lawrence Welk Show with
the fluffy, swirly, twirly dresses going round and round. Surely that
was the life for me! The closest I got was the biannual, countywide
Spring Festival dance that my grade was doing where a few of us
would travel from the country into the big town of Chestertown for the
practices and performance of our class dance. Big time stuff.
Wonderful memories.

I hit high school, managed to survive “cool dancing” without mastering cool moves, then went on to college going to frat dances where it didn’t matter that I’d never become an expert dancer because most people were drunk and didn’t notice me. Got
married, then discovered International Folk Dancing: thought I’d died
and gone to heaven. I did that for two years in Muncie, Indiana, (once
dancing till 3 in the morning, when they finally kicked us out of the
dance room at Oglebay in West Virginia, where we’d been dancing for
three glorious days in a row!)

But then my dancing days were over (I thought). We moved back to Chestertown and no one seemed to be dancing here (in 1977). Besides, I was teaching, then had 2 babies a
couple of years apart and aside from twirling them around, (which I did
love), that was it. More life happened (and I loved raising our girls as
much as I’d loved dancing), but then my own girls grew up, moved
away, my dear aunts died, and I found that I had some holes. (My
parents had died when I was a teenager and I learned that my “holes”
had happened because later life losses hook into former big ones and
all of a sudden you’re sad and you’re not quite sure how to be unsad.)

And then came Zumba
So to try to fill some of those kind of empty places, we turned our
daughters’ upstairs bedrooms into B&B rooms. Gosh, what fun! And
then a guest told me about Zumba! I’d never heard of it before. I
hadn’t been looking for a fitness or a weight reduction plan I already
walked regularly and went to the pool but I was looking to get smile-
ier, and after my very first Zumba class with Aundra, I’d found
another place where spaces were getting filled! Woo hoo!


Zumba really was just what the doctor ordered and that subtle sadness slipped
away. I did Zumba for a year or two, got sidelined with a foot injury
for another couple of years, and now am back, laughing at myself all
over again for messing up over and over as I’m trying to get it right!
But it’s FUN and I love going!

On to PiYo

PiYo has also become a real love. Because of my (ahem) P.E. background, I’d never been strong. I’d never learned what it meant to be pushed (but with Aundra, this
“pushing” is actually “encouraging”), and I’d never do it on my own,
but I pretty much would do whatever Aundra tells us to do. I look
forward to going (and yes, just about die doing all she has us do) but
it’s such a capital ‘A’ accomplishment getting it done!


Strong & Fit at Any Age

I LOVE being a 63-year-old Zumba / PiYo person; I LOVE hanging with the young gals
in the classes (and my dear PiYo people) this keeps me more focused
on maintaining a fitness lifestyle (and if I only sat around and hung out
with other 63-year-olds, I’d get “old” faster!) and I LOVE feeling
strong and fit!

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Fitness Friday #54: 5 Meal Prep Tips

For the past several weeks, I’ve been posting my weekly Sunday meal prep sessions.

IMG_1434 (1)

Mostly to keep organized, keep my sanity, and for the safety of others (being hangry is no joke), I started prepping meal boxes for my on-the-go meal needs during the week.

Are you interested in meal planning, but maybe you’ve tried and this happened to you??  IMG_1476 (1)

I’m here to help! I’ve been getting lots of great questions about them, so I thought I’d share a few of my tips as well as some photos of recent meal prep sessions with you!

5 Meal Prepping Tips

  • Start small, plan 1-3 days, then increase 

If you’ve never tried prepping meals before, it’s silly to go ALL in and plan the entire week. That’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, start small. Plan your Monday breakfast and lunch or perhaps lunch or breakfast for two days in the week. If that works, and you like what you’ve prepared, it fills you and fuels you, then slowly increase to other days.


  • Pack items you like, not items you HOPE you’ll like

This one sounds funny, but it’s SO true. Just because you think you should pack all kinds of fruit doesn’t mean you’ll want to eat all of it in one sitting or that you’ll feel full eating just fruit. Your packed meal should include items you WILL eat. That’s the point – it’s your meal. By all means, try a new recipe, but make sure it’s something you’ll want to eat and not something that you’ll push aside and have to go grab food elsewhere, or worse, not eat at all.


  • Plan some double recipes so you can freeze items to use later

I didn’t figure this one out until I was well into prepping all of my breakfast and lunch meals. This is so helpful. I made a double batch of birthday protein cookies, and enjoyed them during my birthday week and then again two weeks later. I like to wait a week in between using the same recipe, just to mix up the meals.


  • Base your meal on your day – Workout? Big meeting?

Make sure your meals coordinate with your schedule. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have 3-4 classes and training sessions, so I’m hungry. I pack a little more for those days because I know I’ll want it. Most of the food I pack does not require the use of utensils, but that’s something to take into consideration, too. Where will you be eating your lunch? Also, do you have a big meeting? Maybe it’s a good idea to avoid extra garlic that day. Plan thoughtfully.

  • Pack the protein – it will keep your energy up and fill you up

For me, my boxes are all about the protein. I try to plan a good balance of protein and fresh fruit/veggies because I know that combination works well for me. I want my packed meals to last me 3-4 hours in between eating, because that’s how my work schedule flows. So, adding half a boiled egg, or a date stuffed with nut butter, or some nuts really helps keep me going between meals and helps keep a solid energy level.


To read more Fitness Friday posts, check out this link.

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Coffee Talk Tuesday #1

So, back when I blogged about working in the admissions world (as a Millennial Girl), I had a series called Coffee Talk Tuesday and it was my favorite to write!

A few years ago, when I was getting myself organized after a major lifestyle change, I made the decision to combine my various social channels. At the time, I had multiple twitter accounts, multiple blogs, multiple websites, and even three different identities. It was a lot to handle. A friend recommended combining it all into one place, and that’s how Fit with Aundra was born!

Anyway, a colleague made a very needed iced coffee run for some of us in the office today, and it reminded me of my favorite Coffee Talk Tuesday posts. Today is as good a day as any to resurrect that tradition!


Coffee Talk Tuesday

As I happily drink my delicious iced coffee, I’m brain-dumping all of the things on my mind into one place. I love this exercise because it helps me keep focused, assess my current situation, and find creativity in a normal day. I recommend it!

Here goes…

This week, I’m settling back into the work routine after a glorious week of vacation. We visited the PA ‘Grand Canyon’ and then Ocean City, Maryland. Posts to come about those adventures! I also turned 30, and had a few thoughts on that.

This week, I’m eating ALL the watermelon. I think I can successfully eat my weight in this stuff. It’s especially delicious right after teaching a lunchtime fitness class.


This week, I’m also testing out my NEW athletic shoes. I’ve never worn Adidas shoes before, but I’m loving these trainers. They made it through an insanity session and a TurboKick session, so I’m thinking they’re here to stay and total winners.


This week, we planted the flowers we nurtured from seeds, and I splurged on a few more flowers to brighten our garden. I’m loving this one in particular.


This week, we’re enjoying the first harvest of our spring garden! I went a little crazy planting lettuce, but I’m sure that will feel like a wise decision come dinnertime.


This week, I’m writing a blog post including helpful tips for meal planning. This is something I’ve done on and off for the past couple of years–prepare meals for breakfast and lunch. I’m always on the go due to teaching fitness classes, and it’s a struggle to make sure I’m eating right for me, eating good foods on the go, and that I’m prepped for the next class.

I’ve really gotten into meal planning, creating fun protein concoctions (like these birthday protein cookies), and I have so much fun planning and creating my boxes on Sundays for the week. Stay tuned for this post on Friday!


This week, I’m focusing on power in my exercises. I’m taking a short break from headstand practice and instead working on powerful movements that test my strength. I think this is beneficial to my personal practice, as well as a helpful way to measure my progress. I spent some time practicing flying superman push-ups yesterday and my body is feeling it today! Here’s a sample from instagram (in slo mo because why not).

This week, I’m working on some prep for a conference we have on campus next month, some creative work and strategy prep for Colchester Farm, and some communication strategy for the next cycle in my main day job. All critical and energy-consuming things this week. Friday will be welcomed with open arms.

On the fitness class front, I’m working on some new choreo for Zumba (two new song premieres this Friday!), the next set for Insanity (coming soon), and some new punch/kick combos for TurboKick. There’s always something new to learn! I’m also still working on my group exercise AFAA/NASM certification, and am hopeful to finish that and schedule a test by the end of the summer.

What’s on your mind this week?

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Ultimate Name Workout Challenge

I’m so excited to announce the June Online Workout Challenge!


This one will mostly take place on facebook – so be sure to click going and follow the event.

Here’s how it works: the first TEN (10) people to click ‘Going’ to the event will become our name challenges!

We’ll begin Day 1 (that’s June 5) with your own name. Then, starting June 6, we’ll go down the list of the first ten registrants (one of them is you? You get to do it AGAIN!), performing the moves next to each letter of their first and last names.

Here are the letters and the corresponding moves:  JuneNameChallengeLetters

So, my first day would be AUNDRA ANDERSON, my own name. That means

A – 10 burpees
U – 10 squats
N – 8 push-ups
D – 10 squats
R – 10 mountain climbers
A – 10 burpees

A – 10 burpees
N – 8 push-ups
D – 10 squats
E – 10 front kicks
R – 10 mountain climbers
S – 10 hip dips
O – 6 hip dips
N – 8 push-ups

would be my workout of the day.

As a BONUS, we’ll also include the person of the day’s middle name. That’s optional. But totally fun and worth it. To modify, choose just the first or last name of the person of the day.

Sound like fun? SO MUCH! Let’s go!

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Thoughts on 30

I intended to craft another ’30 before 30′ update on Saturday, the big day. The day that I say good-bye to my 20s and welcome a new decade.

Instead, when I sat down to write, I started thinking about all of the reasons behind the items I placed on my 30 before 30 bucket list.

That got me thinking about what I’ve come to value most in my late 20s, almost my 30s. And, boy, has that list changed drastically since I entered my 20s.

In my early 20s, never would I ever have thought I’d get married, run, do yoga, be a fitness instructor, care so much about travel, care about planting and creating plans — basically this whole list. It’s amazing how much your plans, goals, ambitions can change.

Or, maybe it’s not that these things change, it’s that YOU change. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned what I actually like, what I truly value, and who I want in my life to share all of these good memories.

When I thought more about it, I realized that this 30 by 30 list helped me focus on how I’d prioritize my time for my last year in my 20s. Instead of becoming anxious about whether I’d be able to ‘tick’ the items on the list, I found myself excited to try all of these adventures!

Even better, the people closest to me started to make these part of their adventure lists, too — I’ve been able to check these off my list with dear friends and family, and that makes this challenge so, so wonderful.

Looking at my list now, I can’t believe I’ve been able to accomplish so much in a short period of time. And, anything that wasn’t fully checked off this list has become part of my 31st birthday adventure list!

Aundra’s 30 by 30 List – Final Birthday Update

  1. get married. totally counts. 10-31-15. xoxo
  2. visit 2 new states. Didn’t happen this year, BUT we’re making plans to visit my final east coast state–Maine–this summer and I think I’ll be heading to Kansas this fall for travel. YAY!
  3. read 30 books – finished at a respectable 19. I feel good about this.
  4. hike part of the AT We hiked to McAfee Knob during our mini-moon
  5. go zip lining. Didn’t happen this year, but I do have a lovely gift card to go zip-lining near us! So this is definitely happening in the near future.
  6. take a new-to-me fitness class.  pure barre and barre
  7. complete our kitchen project. We have made MAD strides. I’m so pumped with our progress. We’re in saving mode for the final purchases that need to be made. This will be completed this year for sure.
  8. make a backyard planting plan I loved dreaming with the husband! He has awesome skills and created a 3D plan of our back yard.
  9. plant more flowers by the mailbox, the front door, in planters, and growing up our wedding arbor.
  10. knit a scarf. Didn’t think this would happen BUT I started one and finished one THIS WEEK.
  11. run 1,000 miles. I did it during my 27th year! Nope. But I am running a race as an ambassador next week and started looking at 10 miler races later this summer. Yoga has been the thing of 2016.
  12. host a backyard dinner party. I really like hosting parties and our backyard is perfect.
  13. take a pottery class My beautiful tribe surprised me with a private pottery class for my birthday!!
  14. take yoga classes SO many yoga classes this past year. I’m so happy.
  15. host a month-long fitness challenge I love that people look forward to these, and they’ve become a bi-monthly thing!
  16. visit a vineyard in another state During our mini-moon in VA. We purchased a special bottle to open on our 1 year wedding anniversary, too.
  17. get a pet. puppy. kitty. puppy. I love our Phoebe! So excited to welcome our beautiful senior cat into our home this year.
  18. see a Ballet performance. Johnny surprised me with a gift certificate to see a show at The Kennedy Center! We’ll plan to go sometime this fall – there are a few shows in the fall/winter guide that I want to see.
  19. plant a fruit tree We purchased and planted two pear trees!
  20. run a race in a new state Ran a 5k in Cali during travel season.
  21. send birthday cards I’ve sent SO many more cards this year. I even have purchased cards for future needs.
  22. get a new fitness certification. Signed up for, and working my way through, group exercise certification from AFAA/NASM. This will definitely be completed this summer.
  23. make and share kombucha. Not so much the sharing yet, but the SCOBY is resting in a fresh batch of brewed tea.
  24. host a tea & cupcakes party. My bridesmaids hosted one for me!!!!
  25. host online challenge fitness groups I loved offering this during my travel season. I’ll definitely do it again, already brainstorming new possibilities.
  26. teach or team teach a fitness class in a new area Taught dances in Colorado and Texas during work travel!
  27. publish an article. I’ve made a point of blogging more frequently, but haven’t actually pursued writing an article for anything but the blog. This hasn’t been a priority for me, we’ll see if I follow through with it moving forward.
  28. host a photo a day challenge LOVE LOVE LOVED the May photo a day challenge.
  29. visit every local store in my town. I’ve visited MORE! But man Amazon has my love.
  30. plan a fabulous 30th birthday trip.  We traveled to Wellsboro, PA, to see the PA ‘Grand Canyon’ and hike in Tioga County.

Really, this challenge was so much fun, and I happily enter my 30s full of life and love. On to 40!

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Fitness Friday #53: Favorite Fitness Equipment

I’ve made a conscious decision to teach group fitness classes that require very little to no equipment. I love the foundations of bodyweight exercise (but equally love my weightlifting routine) for group fitness classes. To me, they seem more accessible to participants, and can serve as a great first step toward fitness and wellness for my clients.

That being said, I have a few tools that have become essential to my practice. I love having the option to enhance a workout by using a few different fitness equipment items. Some of these items are used during the workout, and some of them are used in the recovery phase.

Here’s my list of 5 Favorite Pieces of Fitness Equipment:

  1. Yoga Blocks. These probably wouldn’t have been included on my ‘must have fitness equipment’ list a few years ago. When I first started my yoga practice, I was determined to do all the moves alone – without the necessary assistance of amazing items like yoga blocks. Yoga Blocks have helped me learn how to achieve the rounded back necessary for many of the postures in my current practice, and they’ve given me the confidence needed to fly in postures like crow.  Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.26.06 PM
  2. Foam Roller. I really think any person who does any type of fitness activity should have access to a foam roller. This thing is a GODSEND. I’m not even joking. At first, the moves feel awkward, and okay, they might hurt a little. But foam rollers speed up recovery time, which makes teaching 10+ classes a week doable. Want to see my 5 favorite moves? Check it out
  3. Tennis Ball. Similar to the foam roller, my feet and I couldn’t live without tennis balls. Standing, I’ll lightly press the bottoms of my feet onto the tennis ball, spending extra time pressing on the spots that hurt the most. It’s the best worst thing.  IMG_0884
  4. Yoga Strap. I originally purchased a yoga strap to aid in postures like king dancer. However, I find that I use it more for strength and balance challenges to exercises, like this one:   IMG_1006
  5. TRX straps. This is a newer one for me. I started venturing into suspension training last year, because I thought it looked like fun! These are intense and add a great layer to my workouts. One of my favorite moves by far? Pikes:  IMG_1007

What pieces of fitness equipment do you love to use? I’m always on the lookout for new things to try!

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Fitness Friday #52: Yoga Workshop with Kathryn Budig

Recently, I had an opportunity to take my second yoga workshop with Kathryn Budig!


My friend Angela joined me for an adventure to D.C. for a ‘Kick Up Your Feet’ workshop!


The first time around, I took an adventure to New York City for an arm balances workshop at Pure Yoga. This was 2013.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.40.52 AM

Yogis ready for some mat time!


Fangirl moments aside, I cherish and appreciate the work of Kathryn as a yogi. She makes yoga accessible, which it IS and SHOULD BE to all. She’s real, down to earth, and has a passion for movement and challenging the body.


When I first started practicing yoga, I found Kathryn through Yoga Journal. I immediately followed her on facebook, twitter, and instagram, and started pouring over all the articles I could find.

I love her teaching style. Kathryn breaks down ‘challenging’ postures into accessible pieces. She teaches postures in building phases. Take a look at the way she’s teaching progressing to full side plank pose with extended leg…4 elements become the building blocks to the full posture!

I knew I’d love taking another kick up your feet workshop with her.

She took audience requests and we created an agenda for the workshop based on those requests. On the list: crow, single-leg crow, crow with lotus, and peacock. We didn’t make it to peacock pose, but it was definitely one of the more challenging requests!


True to her form, Kathryn led us on a journey to reach various accessible points for these postures. She had us on the ground, offering assistance to our neighbors, learning all of the elements necessary to build for each posture.

The workshop was both fun and challenging. I love taking workshops as a group — you get the chance to see others in these forms, how they approach them, and learn tips and tricks to take home to try.

My key takeaways

I’ve definitely added more arm balances to my practices since this workshop, and I’m excited to have a few new postures to try.

For example, bound leg in balances:


I’m trying this bound leg lately in tripod headstand, which has been my focus the past couple of months (video, click to play):

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.31.04 AM

I’ve also started working on this single leg headstand variation, as a prep for single/extended leg in crow (video, click to play):

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.34.28 AM

If anything, I’ve learned that there’s always a way to improve or strengthen postures, even when you’ve ‘accomplished’ them — I look at photos and videos from last year to this year and notice changes in posture, hand placement, and even transition variations.

I’m so glad I took advantage of this workshop, and look forward to deeper practice at home!

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