Motivation Monday: Angela’s Story

A new series on the blog, Motivation Monday will share YOUR stories. Have you made a change in your life? Want to share your progress? Send me a message at and let’s tell your story!

Angela’s Story

I started taking fitness classes in 2008 when I noticed that my figure was not what it was in high school and knew I wanted to better myself but wasn’t sure how. My time was mostly spent partying with friends and I was not a very happy person back then.

What really motivated me was that a new fitness center was built in my town that year and they were offering free classes one week. A few of my coworkers and I decided to check it out. The first class I took was Zumba and I loved it. The instructor was spunky and fun and I already loved to dance so I knew this was going to be something I would enjoy. I also tried a spin class, not my favorite class to take but I stuck with it for quite a while that year. Since then I have added many classes ranging from Insanity to PiYo to Turbo Kick.



As far as changes in my body, my figure has changed quite a bit. I have gone down 2 dress sizes and 15 lbs. I have also gained strength and balance, thanks to Insanity and PiYo.

My mood has changed as well. The feeling you get from a workout is like no other. After taking a class I can feel that I have more energy and I am ready to face anything that comes my way.

As far as my overall health, I have high blood pressure that runs in my family and because of working out and eating right my doctors has recently discussed lowering my medications.

I started to notice the changes in 2010. I had been working out for almost 2 years, people kept commenting on how good I looked and how happy I seemed.

I was in a not so happy relationship and had been since 2008. Once my confidence was built up and I felt better and different, I knew that I needed to make a change.  I was growing into a new person and we were just not on the same path in life. I feel that I would not have been able to break it off had I not built myself up and had not seen the changes I could make with my life. Changing my lifestyle helped me in more ways than one you could say.

Motivate Me

The changes that I have seen in my figure, my mood, and my overall health keep me motivated. Also, the friendships that I have made in the group fitness classes that I attend. Those friends hold me accountable and it’s a time for us to meet up and have some fun while also working out.

Looking to make a change? Start off small. Take a class, or join a gym. Go once a week and move on to twice a week and so on. There is no need to jump right in and go all 5 or 7 days if you are not comfortable. I guarantee that once you find a class that you enjoy you will want more. Also, make friends with those in class. They are great motivators and accountability coaches.


Eating right is a daily challenge. With a house full of hungry boys, and meat eaters at that, it is hard to stay on track. Although there is nothing wrong with meat, I choose to limit my meat intake and mainly eat fruits and vegetables with the occasional meat here and there during the week. This can be challenging as I LOVE to cook and making a home-cooked meal every night is something I strive to do.

Usually this means I am making a meal for myself on the side. Coming up with healthy options for us all is also a challenge. I have changed some of our eating habits as a family and strive to change more in the future. My other downfall would be snacks. I love them. Candy, chocolate, chips, you name it. Trying to keep the amount that we purchase limited and making healthier choices can be quite a challenge, but we are working on it.

What’s Next?

My goal this year is to join the local CSA. Also, we recently purchased a juicer and have started juicing. It can seem pricey at times but I have really enjoyed trying new juice recipes and getting to know what we like and dislike.

My fitness goals this year are to try some new classes, maybe Barre or Aerial Yoga. I would also like to add lifting into my workout routine.

We Have to Ask About Fitness Classes…

My favorite fitness class is Zumba. It’s upbeat, fun, has great music and gives you a boost of energy.

Join Angela (and other friends) on the floor for Zumba classes! Check out the full fitness schedule here and get YOUR motivation story started!

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Fitness Friday #47: Join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

When I started writing this blog, I intended to document my experiences growing food on a small quarter-acre plot of suburban land. That was a lifetime ago.

However, my interest in food origins, and building community around food has not changed.

Access to good, local produce remains a priority in my life. Johnny and I are continuing to plan and build our backyard gardens, and I can’t wait to have  more fresh produce at our fingertips.

In the meantime (and really, in addition to our gardens), I rely on our membership in the Colchester Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program with Colchester Farm to supply us with fresh produce for much of the year. We’re fortunate to live in an area full of growers and champions of the local food movement.


With all of our great experiences, I bring you 3 Reasons to Join a CSA! Even if you’re not in the Kent County area (or surrounding counties), I’d love for you to consider supporting your local farms through a CSA Program.

  1. Know Your Farmer. This is something I didn’t realize I enjoyed until I joined the CSA. How cool is it to know the person who grows your food? The person (people) who work the land, lovingly plant and nurture your produce, who choose it at the best moment, and bundle it to bring right to you — usually in the same day. Beyond knowing your farmer, the freshness factor is another reason I keep coming back to the CSA each year. Produce is picked at its best moment, and moves from farm to you within hours or days.
  2. Community. I love our CSA group on facebook – members will post recipes, how they use their share items, and general love for local foods. It’s comforting to see the same familiar faces (and new faces each year) when I pick-up my CSA share each week. When we host farm events, it’s wonderful to see so many people in support of food, keeping funds local, and with a shared interest in fresh, high quality food experiences.
  3. Trying New Foods. There are so many food items I’ve received as part of my CSA that I have never found in my local grocery store — garlic scapes, romanesca, and delicata squash for starters. It’s been so fun to learn about each of these items and best practices for cooking and eating. It’s also refreshing to have variety within items – not just one or two types of garlic or tomatoes, for example.  We have several variety options within the CSA program.

I cherish my CSA Program, and encourage you to look into one near you!

If you live near Kent County, MD – including Queen Anne’s County, Cecil County, and even Delaware – please consider checking out Colchester Farm CSA. Our Farm manager, Theresa, is so dedicated to the local food movement, best practices, and delivering high-quality customer service to the CSA members and farm patrons.


*Disclaimer: I am a member of the Board of Directors for Colchester Farm CSA. However, I receive no compensation for this mention, nor any mention, of the CSA Program. All opinions are my own.


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Wedding Hair and Make-Up

This is one of those areas of Wedding Planning that seemed easy, straightforward, and full of non-issues for me. I knew I wanted to look pretty and have my hair ‘done up’ for my wedding day, but I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time thinking about this part of the planning.

I’m SO happy with the results of my bridal hair & make-up styling.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 8.39.45 PM

I had one requirement: I wanted the stylist to come to me. I didn’t like the idea of rushing to and from a salon on my wedding day, especially since we planned a brunch wedding.

This requirement helped immensely when looking for the right stylist/team. I searched a few places – Wedding Wire,, and a general Google search for “Delaware Bridal Hair/Stylist.” I found a few places, but narrowed it down quickly after reviewing their websites for traveling stylists.

I found Town & Country Salon, located in Newark, not too far from my wedding location in Odessa. I called and learned more details about the Traveling Bridal Team.

They were super attentive from the start, which I really appreciated. In a matter of days, they’d assigned my team and we planned a trial.

Since I also planned Bridal photos with my photographer (Chelsea Fluharty), I scheduled my hair and make-up trial for the same day. I highly recommend this to brides! You get the chance to see the FULL look for your big day. It really helped on my actual wedding day, since I already knew my overall look, I wasn’t worried one bit!

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 8.40.11 PM We took my bridal photos in the same location as my wedding, which was super fun. I got to be there, all dolled up, about 7 weeks before the wedding.

For my trial (please, please, please do a trial if you’re hiring a bridal stylist for the day. It’s a great chance to get to know them and work out plans in advance), I went to the Town & Country Salon studio in Newark. I met my head stylist, Mandy, and make-up artist Mimi. I’m so glad they were both assigned to my Bridal Team!

During the trial, we (I should say she…I kind of looked at her like um…I like it up?) came up with a stylin’ low hairdo that would allow me to wear the headpiece I wanted and also a veil.

IMG_0104 (2)

I love how my hair looked! I have SO much of it and it’s so thick, so I know Mandy had her work cut out for her. There were about 2342 pins in my hair, too. But it felt great, didn’t give me a headache, etc. I LOVED the final product!

IMG_0137 (2) On the day of my wedding, the Bridal Team showed up nice and early to the B&B cottage, and got started on the three of us.

IMG_0013 (2) (1) We had so much fun — I loved having them come to us. We had fun tunes playing (thanks to Natalie!!), a relaxed atmosphere, and didn’t feel rushed. It was just a short walk to the ‘First Look’ spot and then to the ceremony site from the cottage.

IMG_0092 (2) Feelin’ pretty! I’m not used to having myself all done up, so it was fun to watch the Bridal Team work their magic. I have zero make-up and hairstyle understanding/knowledge and found myself completely in awe of their talents and abilities.

IMG_0097 (2)

Natalie and Angela’s hair and make-up turned out fabulous as well! I love updos.

IMG_0212 (2) Beauties!!!

IMG_0054 (2)

I highly recommend entrusting your bridal look to professionals, getting a trial done with the day-of stylists, and finding a traveling team that will come to you on your special day!

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Fitness Friday #46: 5 Things I’ve Learned Teaching Group Fitness

I love being a group fitness instructor. I’ve been teaching since May 2009 when I received my first fitness license for Zumba.

Like any other job, it has highs and lows, but at the end of the day, this is my jam. I love teaching. I love wellness. I love learning new moves and sharing them. I love that AHA moment when someone nails a move or figures out how to make a move work for their day/body.


I love that it’s a never-ending spiral of learning, too. I’m always learning. For fun, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned teaching fitness classes.

5 Things I’ve Learned Teaching Group Fitness:

  1. Energy is contagious. It really is! If you come into class and giggle and smile, I’ll giggle and smile, then be bouncy for the rest of the time. If I bounce into class and giggle and chat, there’s an air of excitement that spreads to all the participants. This is one of the reasons I only teach formats with rockin’ music – high energy music radiates through people, too. It’s hard to be grumpy when Selena Gomez and Meghan Trainor are singing. Right?
  2. Everything looks better after a workout. One of the BEST things about group fitness classes – you get to escape from life for a little while. No matter what is happening in your day, you can come, chit chat with classmates, lose all the sweat, do all the squats/push-ups/burpees, and get lost in the moment. After all of that, the day looks a little (or a lot) better!
  3. Many times, the students are the ‘teachers.’ I’ve learned SO much by teaching live classes. Even though I study regressions and progressions, everyone’s body moves so differently and students come up with great variations on their own. I love learning from them and using that to improve and fine-tune my classes.
  4. Teaching is HARD work. And it’s our job to make it look effortless. Or, something like that. There’s a ton of prep that goes into putting together a class: choosing the music, placement of beats/movements in the class, figuring out variations for moves, and keeping on top of fitness council recommendations and rules. And that’s just BEFORE class starts.
  5. Nothing is comparable to making a difference in one person’s life. Truly. It makes my DAY, my WEEK, when someone tells me this class or that move or that comment made all the difference in their workout/day. Teaching is hard (see #4), but I love, love, love it, especially when you know it’s improving someone’s life.
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The word of 2016

Last year, instead of choosing specific goals for 2015, I chose a word, and used it as a theme for each month throughout the year. Last year’s word was FOCUS.

It served me well; instead of getting over-involved in projects and social engagements, I learned (and am still learning) to put myself first and choose only those projects that I enjoy. This proved to be a tough lesson month after month, but by the end of the year, I think I’ve started to get the hang of it. I’m using these lessons from last year to fuel 2016.

In addition to last year’s intention, I’ve finally landed on a good one for 2016: STRONG.


Why STRONG? A few reasons:

  1. Physically. I’m hitting the big 3-0 this year, and I want to enter my 30s in great physical shape. Weight lifting and yoga will be my biggest allies this year. My interest in being physically strong isn’t just for looks, but also for health – strong muscles and bones will help me stay injury-free.
  2. Self-control. I spent the majority of my early 20s being defensive. I thought surely everyone was ‘out to get me.’ This is a crazy way to live! Truth is (take a deep breath): no one is concerned with you. Most people are only worried about themselves, which is a huge lesson I’ve learned in my late 20s.  I’ve learned to cool my reactions to people (still learning!), and not immediately jump to conclusions. I want to focus on keeping this quality in my 30s.
  3. Confidence. This is my current jam, for all the right reasons. A large portion of my teens and most of my 20s were spent worrying about meeting expectations. Only, these weren’t my expectations, they were ones I assumed I needed to meet, expectations set by ‘society’. What will people say if I do this, what will happen if I do that, that’s not what people my age/gender/professional level do! It’s exhausting trying to meet these imaginary demands. I’m entering my 30s feeling GREAT about being me and marching to the beat of my own drum.
  4. Willpower. I have a handful of personal and professional goals that I want to meet this year. I’m already incredibly self-motivating and a self-starter, but I don’t want to lose steam this year. Determination is one of my ‘seksi-est’ qualities (in my own sweet mind) and this year is as good as any to keep it going.

Do you set goals for the year? By week? By month? Leave a comment and share one so we can hold each other accountable!



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Our Honeymoon to the Florida Keys

When we first started talking about honeymoon possibilities, we decided two things:

  1. We would have one
  2. We would go somewhere warm

Another factor in our decision: timing of the honeymoon.

Because of the nature of both of our jobs, and the interest in an October wedding, we decided to postpone the honeymoon to the December break. The College closes for almost two weeks, and the prospect of going away during time the College was CLOSED was a huge deciding factor for both of us.

We chose: The Florida Keys FullSizeRender (14)

Neither of us are entirely sure how we settled on the Florida Keys! We haven’t been there before, so the idea of a NEW destination for both of us was a big key. We’re also explorers, so the idea of flying into southern FL and driving the entirety of the Keys appealed to both of us.

I’m so glad we chose the Florida Keys — it’s a fantastic string of islands to explore. I love that it’s still in the U.S. but feels tropical. I loved exchanging the cold Maryland weather for sun, sand, and 80+ degree weather. Even more, I LOVED getting to go on a special trip with my husband.

We planned a great week. We flew to Ft. Lauderdale, picked up a rental car, and then drove south, stopping at three key places:

Biscayne National Park
Key West

After getting the rental car, we drove first to Biscayne National Park. It was so much fun to explore the top of the keys, see the water, walk along the pathways, and we even watched the 20 minute visitor center video. IMG_7739

We wanted to get a good sense of the vibe of the different Keys, so we planned to stop almost halfway for a couple of days. We stayed at Amara Cay Resort in Islamorada, which was GORGEOUS! IMG_7765 Just a couple of miles from our resort, we ventured to Robbie’s and signed up for a couple of hours of kayaking on the bay side – under the mangroves! How magical is this? IMG_7808 We got LOTS of beach time, which was a must. I’m a fan of just hanging out on the beach, I could do it ALL morning. Give me a towel, a book, some snacks, and I’m set. IMG_7928 After a couple of days in Islamorada, we ventured south to Key West. First, we stopped at Bahia Honda State Park to check out the beach scene there.

Once in Key West (a really gorgeous drive, y’all!), we spent the rest of our days exploring the 4-mile island. We hit all the crucial points (to us!!):

Beach IMG_7936 The Southernmost Point (and we also saw the start of Route 1): FullSizeRender (15) The Hemingway House, and more importantly, the six-toed Hemingway cats:      IMG_7995 and Mallory Square to enjoy the Sunset Celebration. On New Year’s Eve, we signed up for a sunset sail with Danger Charters (HIGHLY recommend). This was probably my favorite part of our entire trip. IMG_8017

I’m so glad we chose The Florida Keys for our Honeymoon Destination!

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More 30 by 30 progress

Since I set some goals (30 to be exact) back in May for this year, I wanted to share some updated progress! I need to get crackin’ on the running, the reading, and the knitting. SUPER glad winter is here!


Aundra’s 30 by 30 List

  1. get married. totally counts. YAY! October 31, 2015.
  2. visit 2 new states. No new states are in the plans, maybe this one gets bumped.
  3. read 30 books 23 books to go…
  4. hike part of the AT We hiked to McAfee Knob during our mini-moon
  5. go zip lining Still want to do this!
  6. take a new-to-me fitness class. acro yoga? belly dance? I’m thinking a barre class would be fun.
  7. complete our kitchen project (oh man that’s a challenge!!) We’re saving and planning!
  8. make a backyard planting plan We planted our wedding arbor and built a new box!
  9. plant more flowers by the mailbox!
  10. knit a scarf. maybe I can just knit all my bookmarks together… Ugh. Winter project.
  11. run 1,000 miles. I did it during my 27th year! Working on this. Thinking 500 will be a better goal, since I took time off running this fall/winter.
  12. host a backyard dinner party We had most of our wedding party over for a backyard dinner this summer!
  13. take a pottery class
  14. take yoga classes – I dropped in on a PiYo class, but I want to try more!
  15. host a month-long fitness challenge The push-up challenge
  16. visit a vineyard in another state We visited Blue Ridge Vineyard in Eagle Rock, VA
  17. get a pet. puppy. kitty. puppy. PUPPY! KITTY! We talked about an adoption search. Stay tuned.
  18. see a Ballet performance
  19. plant a fruit tree
  20. run a race in a new state ran a 5k in California during travel season!
  21. send birthday cards I sent 100 thank you cards and almost 100 xmas cards. Counts?!
  22. get a new fitness certification Working on a new AFAA certification at home!
  23. make and share kombucha. My SCOBY needs some action.
  24. host a tea & cupcakes party. So I didn’t host it, but my ladies gave me a tea party as a bridal shower. Counts.
  25. host online challenge fitness groups Hosted my first group in Sept/Oct while I traveled for work!
  26. teach or team teach a fitness class in a new area Got to teach some Zumba while I traveled to CO!
  27. publish an article
  28. host a photo a day challenge I’m thinking of hosting one in Feb related to love! cheeeesssyyyy.
  29. visit every local store in my town Need to work on this asap!
  30. plan a fabulous 30th birthday trip In the works!!! I’m thinking hiking. 
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Looking Back at 2015

With 2016 on the horizon (a beautiful horizon from our location in the Florida Keys!), I thought it would be a good time to reflect on all the wonderful moments of 2015. Here are a few of my highlights from the year:

  1. 2015 was the year of the WEDDING. From a wonderful bridal shower, to a super fun girls bachelorette weekend in the mountains, to the actual wedding day – everything was perfect and more than we ever could’ve imagined. This was definitely the biggest highlight of the year! Check out all the wedding posts (with more to come!) here.  IMG_0268 (2) Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.12.55 PM 11865179_826016150329_6274543152636677648_o
  2. Hosting super fun online fitness challenges. I’ve started taking my love for fitness virtual – via online challenges and even an online training group that I hosted while I was on the road for 2 weeks this fall. A few of the challenges: 12 days of fitness, Pro Tip series, Online Training Group, the Squat Challenge, the Push-Up Challenge, and the Plank a Day challenge. I can’t wait to host more online challenges in 2016!
  3. Our mini-moon adventure to Roanoke. Any avid hiker knows about McAfee Knob, one of the most hiked and most photographed spots on the Appalachian Trail. I loved being able to share this with my husband! We enjoyed a lovely few quiet days together after the craziness of our wedding. I’m so glad we planned a mini-moon right after our wedding, in addition to our honeymoon to the Florida Keys!
  4. Florida Keys honeymoon. When we started thinking about a honeymoon adventure, Johnny wanted to go somewhere warm. Florida became part of the conversation, then we decided to adventure to the Keys! Neither of us have been there before, and we’re total adventurers who love the idea of exploring lots of islands with different possibilities. So exciting!
  5. Tons of fun fitness events. Whoa – we really did a lot this year! From 90s Zumba, Into the Jungle Zumba, and Disney Zumba to Sun Salutations in the Park (for the summer solstice), to Zumba in the Park, to the 31 planks challenge, to a Zumba Master Class – this has been an awesome year of fun fitness. I can’t even wait to see what is in store for 2016!
  6. Fresh, local foods. I’ve been a Colchester Farm CSA member for nearly 5 years now. I love it! Johnny cooks every day, and we love incorporating fresh produce from the farm into our meals. This year, I even tracked a price comparison with local grocery stores. We’re all signed up for 2016 – you can be, too!! IMG_5839
  7. Travels to fun places for work – Stanford, Muir Woods, the Golden Gate Bridge, Boulder, Aspen, San Diego, Houston and Austin. I love that my work enables me to travel all over the country! IMG_4428
  8. Daily Yoga practice. With a few exceptions, I practiced yoga daily in 2015. I mostly followed the challenges by Kino and Kerri, and learned a lot about myself as a yogi this year. Yoga has helped me immensely with patience, self reflection, and mindfulness.
  9. ZOOMA Race Ambassador. After running several ZOOMA races, I was so excited to be chosen as a 2015 ambassador for the Annapolis race! Even better, I recently found out I’d been chosen for the 2016 season, too. I’m so excited to ramp up training this spring.
  10. Fit with Aundra. When I started this blog, it was Fit for Life, and it was a place to document adventures in homesteading. My blog and I have seen some amazing developments since that time (March 2010 so you don’t have to scroll back), and this year I officially merged the blog and fitness stuff under one roof. It’s been fun to work under this new name!                                                       fitwithasticker

With all of these great events in 2015, I can’t even imagine what 2016 will bring. I’m excited for this New Year, and my FIRST full year as an Anderson!

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Fitness Friday #45: Holiday Blast Workout

Posting a little early this week, due to the holidays!

Speaking of the holidays, it can be tough to get in your workout — between gym facilities closing, classes canceling, and lots of scheduled family and friends time, you have to get creative. Or, you could let me be creative for you!

After a quick run, my body craved more — I usually have a lot of free weight or body strength elements in my workouts. So, I put together this fun ‘Holiday Blast’ workout and it felt too good not to share.


I arranged them in an order that works best for warming up the body – so try to do them in order. If you need to break down some of the sets (like 5 sets of push-ups, for example), please do. This took me about 5 minutes to complete, so time isn’t an excuse!

If you’re really looking for a challenge, you can even try this multiple times – maybe 2 or 3 times through the whole thing. Let me know how it goes!

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Fitness Friday #44: 5 Gift Ideas for YOU

‘Tis the holiday season! If you’re anything like me, you don’t like receiving gifts as much as giving them. Why? Because you’re SO good at giving yourself gifts year-round. Right?

I’ve thought about this and imagined 5 perfect gifts for the self-loving, perfect gift-giving individual. These are for YOU. You deserve a treat, too, this holiday season.

With 2016 looming around the corner (I see you!), this might be a time to think of a few goals for the coming year. Maybe they are related to living better, loving yourself more, hitting the gym a few more times?

Here’s a round-up of gifts for you:

1. A sweet new gym outfit. Let’s be real, it’s SO much better to hit the gym or fitness classes with a new ensemble. If you look cute, you sweat more, right? Well, probably not, but looking coordinated will help with that post-sweat selfie. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of GapFit and Old Navy Active products. Lately, I’ve been all about tanks with super fun backs. And fun compression leggings are always a hit. I’m sure both places will have 80 million percent off sales this holiday season, so it’s not even really that much of a splurge anyway!

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 7.21.13 AM   Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 7.22.21 AM

2. A new gym bag. I recently purchased this for myself (I’m SO thoughtful), and wanted to share it with you. I’m all about the all-purpose totes with 50 pockets, but this one caught my eye. It’s by Under Armour, comes in a few different color combinations, and is SUPER roomy.


It also comes with a shower accessories case, and an extra zip pocket – which I’ve been using to hold extra hair ties, chapstick, and my jewelry when I change from work to go to class. I love the zipper top; I’m so used to using open tote bags for my gym stuff. This easily fits enough for 3-4 classes (which is essential for this instructor). Treat yourself to a sweet new bag – you’ll pack it ahead of time and remember to go to the gym!

IMG_7524 3. Gift of classes. Okay, okay. This one is a little close to my heart. But listen! YOU are worth it. Fitness classes helped me get on track when I felt tired, out of shape, and like a blob to the world. It gave me a community of like-minded people, a place to go after work, and a new career even! Classes gave me life. I love, love, love having new people in classes, and giving yourself promised fitness is like giving a never-ending gift. You are priceless. And where else will you wear your new outfit from #1?

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 7.30.17 AM

4. Give yourself a weekly gift of food. Good food. Local, delicious food. From May/June-November/December, Kent County is lucky to have Colchester Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), where you sign up to pick a weekly supply of vegetables. A small share is 5 units, pictured below for an example. This is the perfect size for my husband and me!

Even better, if you sign up by December 31, you get to lock-in this year’s prices (they will increase in 2016). AND you can pay for your share in three easy installments. Sign me up!

Colchester Farm CSA Program


*full disclosure, I am a current board member of Colchester Farm, and have been a proud CSA member since 2010.

5. Socks. What adult doesn’t love SOCKS? These are more than socks, too. I love Feetures! athletic socks. They fit like a glove, they come in a variety of cushion states, and amazing colors. And they have no-show socks with a tab that prevents them from falling down during your workout. They call them ‘running socks’ but I wear them for all athletic uses, classes, lifting, etc. You won’t be disappointed in these!

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 7.51.43 AM

There you have it. That may or may not be my personal Christmas list. That I’ve already purchased for myself. Give yourself a treat this holiday season!

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